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This plugin adds Skills to your server. With skills, the player has a goal to work towards to, and get rewarded for playing actively. You can also use these skills as requirement for a rank-up, for example. Gaining levels can also make you more powerful, but not overpowered.

Commands and permissions

Command Permission node Description
/skills skillz.skills See your skill levels
/skills page <pagenumber> skillz.skills View other pages of your skills (Not yet implemented)
/skills <Player> skillz.skills.other Shows skills of another player (Not yet implemented)
/skills check <skillname> skillz.check Checks when you level up (Not yet implemented)
/skills top   View the top players for every skill (Not yet implemented)
/skills reset skillz.reset.self Reset your skills (Not yet implemented)
/skills reset <Player1> <Player2> etc skillz.reset.other Reset other player's skills (Not yet implemented)

Default Skills

There are a couple of basic skills. To give an idea of what they do, I'll take the Mining skill as example and walk you through the config.

#name of the skill
name: Mining

#description of the skill, will be used later for more in-depth commands.
description: Level up your mining skill to unlock new features, like breaking new blocks and using new tools.

#default XP-gain multiplier
multiplier: 1

#whether or not this skill is enabled at all
enabled: true

#send a message to everyone that a player has leveled up. You can change the message below
broadcastLevelup: true

#blocks used by this skill, either for gaining XP, blocking until a certain level, or blocking items until a certain level.
    #the stone block gets associated with this skill. You can find a list with all possible itemnames here:
        # get 1 XP for breaking a stone block. You level up when your XP is higher than level^2*10 (so to get level 3, you need 40 xp)
        xp: 1

        xp: 0.5
        #you can only start mining cobblestone from Mining level 5. 
        level: 5
        #only for breaking blocks
        #you can't use a Diamond pickaxe until you are level 5
#Special abilities that randomly happen, usually with a higher chance of happening as the player gets to a higher level. 
    #get double drops every now and then
        #whether or not this special is enabled
        enabled: true

        #what the chance is of getting a double drop, in percentages (from 0-100)
        chance: "%level%/3"

        #when a double drop happens, send the player a message
        notifyPlayer: true

        enabled: true
        chance: "%level%"
        notifyPlayer: false
    - '&3Congratulations %player%! You leveled up your %name% skill.'
    - '&6Your skill level is now %newlevel%'
    - '&3%player% leveled up his %name% skill! He is now level %newlevel%'
    needsHigherLevelBlock: "You can't break this block! %name% level required: %level%"
    needsHigherLevelTool: "You can't use this tool yet! %name% level required: %level%"
    itemsDroppedOnGround: "Your inventory was full, causing your item rewards to be dropped on the ground!"
    doubleDrop: "Your block had a double drop! How lucky you are."
    doubleXp: "Your block dropped double XP! How lucky you are."

#rewards for leveling up
    #some items you get. Separated by ; for multiple items. 89,4 means 4 glowstone (will use material name in a newer version), 17,2,1 means 2 wood with data-type 1 (so Spruce wood). 
    items: 89,4;17,2,1

    #money you get for leveling up. Nice incentive for working towards a levelup. 
    money: 100

Basic Skills

There are a few basic skills you can train:

Name How to gain XP
Acrobatics Fall and get hurt
Archery Hit players or animals with your arrows
Digging Dig dirt, sand, grass or gravel
Mining Mine blocks, get XP
Swimming Suffocate in water
Swords Combat Hit players or animals with your sword
Woodcutting Chop trees

A Video about it



Hook into the API to get player levels, XP, add new Skills, and more! Click here to see the API





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