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This is a lite version. Lite versions will not be updated, only maintained. Get the premium full version here. Features which are included in the premium version but not the light version, will be in red.

Do you want to have a fun, grindy rpg plugin on your server, so Players would stay... just a bit longer? Don't you want a fun rpg plugin that affects how players play? Then stop searching!

Servers using Skills Pro:



  • Leveling system! Higher the level, harder to level-up! Kill mobs to get xp.
  • 100% language/message customizations!
  • Stats! Each time you level up, get stat points to upgrade Strength, Defense, Dexterity and Intelligence!
  • Souls! Configurable soul drop! Can lose souls upon death!
  • 3 out of 7 different skill types! Each with unique abilities and weaknesses!
  • Permissions for all commands!
  • Saves experience, levels and even skill types and skill improvements, so you can change the stats of each player easily.
  • Interactive GUI for each skill type to improve their deadly skills!
  • Masteries!
  • Full control of xp gain from mob spawners!
  • Configurability for all skill improvement costs
    • Requirements/ Recommended plugins:

  • Spigot/Bukkit 1.7.X to 1.8.X
  • Grey Territories (Multi-world friendly) (Recommended)
  • ActionbarAPI(HIGHLY Recommended, because it is used to display player custom health, mana etc)

Commands & Permissions

  • /skill (Opens help) No permissions, because it doesn't do anything anyways.
  • /skill select (Selects a skill type. You can only choose one, and can't change it with this command ever again)
  • /skill list (Opens the list of skills) skill.list
  • /skill info (Shows information on each skill type)
  • /skill level (Shows your level, and the number of souls you have, only for those with skills) No permissions
  • /skill improve (Opens a GUI for your skill type for you to improve skills.) skill.improve
  • skill.level.bypass (Bypasses the level limit. Ops, as a result, won't be affected by the level limit.)
  •[skilltype name in lowercase] (Access the the skilltype)
  •* (Access to all /skill selects)
  • /skill change (Allows user to change his skill, but this command has a cooldown configurable in the config.) skill.change
  • /skill setsouls [player] [amount] (Adds the specified amount to a player. Put a "-" in front of the number to deduct) skill.setsouls
  • /skill setstatpoints [player] [amount] (Adds to a player's statpoint count. Put a "-" in front of the number to deduct) skill.setstatpoints
  • /skill setlevel [player] [amount] (Adds to a player's level. Level cannot go below 0. Put a "-" in front of the number to deduct) skill.setlevel
  • /skill stat (Opens a GUI where the player can add statpoints to his STR, DEX, INT or DEF)

Stat System
How does this work? Skills use certain stats each.
Swordsman mainly uses Strength and Dexterity.
Devourer mainly uses Strength and Dexterity.
FireMage mainly uses Intelligence and Strength
Mage mainly uses Intelligence and Defense
Arbalist mainly uses Strength and Dexterity
Vampire mainly uses Strength and Intelligence
But you don't need to remember this. In /skill stat, there is an explanation. Players can see which /skill improves increase with what certain stat.
Stats are colour-coded and the values that increase with the stat is colour-coded too.
Don't worry you'll see what I mean with the instructions in /skill stat. It has visual examples.

Skill types
Now you may wonder: What kind of skills are there?

1. Swordsman

Swordsman are strong melee fighters and will lose to almost nothing in melee combat, but lose out in ranged capabilities. Each attack deals bonus damage based on your STR.
Branched skills:

Parry : When holding a sword, and your attacker's STR is lower than yours, reflect a percentage of damage back

Pierce: When holding a sword, and your victim's DEF is lower than your STR, do bonus damage based on your STR

Dodge : chance to dodge melee attacks. Chance is increased, up to 30% with DEX

A Thousand Cuts: Powerful active that will immobilise a target for some time, and sword hits on these targets will deal more damage. Each hit also disorients your victim.

Strength at larger levels: Potential to deal an extreme amount of damage to players, dealing vast amounts of damage to poorly equipped players, and be the terror of cramped pvp arenas

2. Devourer

Devourers are strange aberrations that can evolve better combat traits. Attacks will deal corrupt victims, dealing damage over time based on STR

Branched skills:

Evolve Gliders: Grow gliders. Increase your sprint speed each level

Evolve Cloak:

  • Level 1: Gain invisibility permanently. When you attack, the invisibility is disabled for 30 seconds.
  • Level 2: Hostile mobs will naturally be neutral to you. If you attack a mob, neutrality is disabled for 30 seconds.
  • Level 3: The first attack you make before becoming invisible will deal more damage

Evolve Sadism: Remove your ability to have pity or disgust. Have a chance to heal for each attack you do.

Consume : Bite your target, dealing a flat amount of damage plus bonus damage based on your target's missing health. If the target dies, regain 50% of your maximum health

Strength at larger levels: Devourers are masters of ambush and hit-and-run tactics. Corruption delays foes by a considerable amount, allowing for escapes, and returns to attack.

3. Mage

Mages are powerful masters of magics and wield powerful staffs of doom that wreck havoc. Mages are highly dependant on mana. You can regain 1 mana per hit with your staff (hoe), and deal more damage based on the amount of mana you have.

Branched skills:

Reflect: When holding a staff, attackers hitting you have a chance (Based on your staff material rarity) of getting damaged. Can trigger Explosion Spell

Explosion Spell: Have a chance (Based on your staff material rarity) to deal more damage on normal attacks.

Heal Spell: For every 10 mana you have currently, regenerate more health, if your current health is over 20.

Energy Flux : Fire a beam of magic, dealing damage to all enemies in your path. Has a low cooldown. Can trigger Explosion Spell.

Strength at larger levels: The mage can do a vast amount of damage if equipped with a diamond hoe, evenly matching him with a Swordsman thanks to the ranged skill.

4. FireMage

FireMages are kind of mages, but focus on fire-related magic instead. Pyros don't use mana or energy, but use health to cast its active. Pyros are immune to fire damage. When on fire, regenerate a certain amount of health if your health is over 20.

Branched Skills:

Absorb Energy: After getting hit, your next attack will set your enemy on fire.

Phoenix Essence: For every second your target is on fire, deal additional melee damage.

Black Fire: Fire damage for players in a 5 block radius around you is increased by an amount.

Inferno : Next melee attack will deal more damage, along with 1 damage per firetick the victim has (1 firetick = 1/20 seconds the target is on fire)

Strength in larger levels: FireMages have powerful burst damage, and can eliminate targets within a few blinks at higher levels.

5. Juggernaut

Juggernauts are tough, durable warriors with a passive that reduces entity damage received.

Branched skills:

Heavy Strikes: If you're using an axe, deal bonus damage based on your STR

Stone Skin:

  • Level 1: Fall damage is reduced by 50%
  • Level 2: Fire damage is reduced by 50%
  • Level 3: Your passive's effect will work against projectiles

    Aegis Protection : Every few seconds, refresh a shield that blocks the next attack.

Throw : Carry a target for 3 seconds, then throw the target toward the area where you're facing, dealing damage.

Strength in larger levels: Juggernauts can get very tough to kill, and if in a bad situation, can always use Throw to toss their enemies away while making a getaway themselves.

6. Arbalist

Arbalists are ranged specialists, and are able to deal more damage with ranged weaponry based on how far the arbalist is from its victim.

Branched Skills:

Execute: After 2 projectile hits on the same target, the third hit will deal bonus damage

Dual Arrow:

  • Level 1: Your crossbow and bow can fire two arrows at once. The second arrow deals 50% damage.
  • Level 2: the second arrow does 100% damage.
  • Level 3: The second arrow does 100% damage, along with some bonus damage

Barbed Arrow: Your attacks cause your target to bleed and flinch every few seconds for an amount of time.

Fire Crossbow: Punching with your bow instantly fires a short range arrow with increased knockback capabilities.

Strength in larger levels: Arbalists can have different playstyles, those for snipers and those for crossbow spammers at close range. Crossbow's level reduces its cooldown, allowing you to make a powerful knockback power on any battlefield, so long as you have the energy required.

8. Vampire

Vampires are evil, demonic creatures that use the power of blood to destroy foes. Melee attacks give 3 blood per hit, and you deal more damage based on the blood you have. However, blood levels drop by 1 every few seconds.

Branched Skills:

Blood Lust:

  • Level 1: If you have more than 70% of your blood well full, go into a frenzy, allowing you to deal bonus damage
  • Level 2: Your natural health regeneration is tripled during this time.
  • Level 3: Attacks during this duration have a chance (based on your current blood) to heal you by 2 Blood Well: Increases your maximum blood by a large amount each upgrade. Also gives a chance to prevent blood loss every few seconds.

Bleed: Attacks cause a target to bleed and flinch every few seconds for an amount of time. everytime a victim is damaged by bleed, gain 3 blood.

Eternal Darkness : Take no damage for a brief amount of time. Time is increased per level.

Strength in larger levels: Vampires are not very durable, and rely on healing and damage to defeat enemies. If you time Eternal Darkness well, you can defeat a foe with your sheer damage easily.


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