Skills v12 1.7.X - 1.8+


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    Apr 12, 2015
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.8.1


  • SUPPORTS 1.8+ AND 1.7+
  • Lang file is glitchy. Copy and paste this into lang.yml to solve it:
Weapons-master: Weapons Master
Ranger: Ranger
Mage: Mage
Pyro: Pyro
Juggernaut: Juggernaut
Beastmaster: Beast Master
Arbalist: Arbalist

skill-selection-message: 'You are now a '
skill-does-not-exist: 'That skill doesn''t exist! Valid skills: weaponsmaster, ranger,
  mage, pyro, juggernaut, beastmaster, arbalist'
skill-owned-error: You already have a skill!
no-perm-error: You have no permission to use this command!
cooldown-error: You need %cooldown% before changing your skill again
no-skill-error: You don't have a skill type! Choose one with /skill select
you-are-a-level: 'You are a level '
console-error: 'ERROR: Only players can use /skill'

  select: Choose a skill, if you don't have one
  change: Allows you to change your skill, but has a cooldown
  info: Shows information about one skill type
  equip: Allows you to equip your forged weaponry
  equipment: Free equipment items.
  list: List of all skill types
  improve: Allows you to spend souls to learn skills
  level: Shows your skill level and soul amount, if you have a skill type
  see: Shows you information of a player
  setskill: Force change your skill
  info: 'Usage: /skill info [skillname]'
  setskill: 'Usage: /skill setskill [skillname]'
  weaponsmaster-desc: Weapons Masters are ruthless and skillful, effectively decimating all that dares to challenge him. Attacks deal bonus damage.
  weaponsmaster-strong: Each level you earn increases the bonus damage
  weaponsmaster-weak: Weapons Masters don't fare well against fire.
  ranger-desc: A Ranger's sprint is incomparable by any other class. Melee attacks poison your target.
  ranger-strong: Each level you earn increases poison duration.
  ranger-weak: Rangers take more damage from the environment.
  mage-desc: Mages are strong in the art of magic and dispatch their enemies with a nice shiny staff. When fighting with hoes deal bonus damage and and heal for an amount.
  mage-strong: Each level you earn increases the bonus damage and every 5 levels increase the heal
  mage-weak: Mages deal less damage when armed with normal weapons, excluding bows.
  pyro-desc: Pyros are immune to fire, and take significantly less damage from lava.
  pyro-strong: Each level you earn greatly increases the potency of some of the improvements
  pyro-weak: And just in case you didn't figure it out, Pyros aren't strong against their own kind.
  juggernaut-desc: Juggernauts are thick and very tough. Will reduce all incoming damage by an amount.
  juggernaut-strong: Each level you earn reduces the damage you can take
  juggernaut-weak: Juggernauts can only do up to 6 damage at a time unless using axes
  beastmaster-desc: Beastmasters are the greatest beast tamers that exist. Not only can you tame most wolves and cats, you even get a loyal wolf that is loyal only to you.
  beastmaster-strong: Each level you earn increases your wolf's stats
  beastmaster-weak: Beast masters aren't very strong without their pet.
  arbalist-desc: Arbalists are long ranged snipers, prefering secluded sniping spots. Their shots are lethal and swift, eliminating far-away targets with ease. Punching while using a bow fires an arrow
  arbalist-strong: Each level you earn allows you to (punch) shoot faster
  arbalist-weak: Arbalists are weaker with any weapon other than bows.