SkillAPI v0.8


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    Oct 4, 2013
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.6.2-R1.0


v0.8 - 10/4/13
  • Added compatibility for target skills with the /cast command
  • Added the Range default attribute for target skills
  • Added a TargetHelper class to get a target the player is looking at
  • Added methods to ClassSkill to manage cooldowns
  • Added a method to ClassSkill to get the status of the skill for a player
  • Added maximum levels for classes
  • Added an admin command to give player levels
  • Added messages in the language config
  • Fixed skill requirements not showing up in the skill tree
  • Fixed skill requirements not being checked while leveling up skills
  • Fixed skill attributes showing stats past the max level
  • Fixed cooldown and mana not being checked or applied in the /cast command
  • Renamed TreeValues to ClassValues
v0.7 - 10/3/13
  • Fixed another problem when MCCore is not installed
v0.6 - 10/3/13
  • Added a particle effect helper class
  • Fixed an error when MCcore is not installed
  • Fixed an error on plugin disable
  • Moved the AttributeHelper class functions into the Attributed class
  • Renamed DefaultAttributes to SkillAttributes
  • Removed some accessor methods from the Skill class
v0.5 - 10/3/13
  • Added an abstract Attributed class that now works with the AttributeHelper class
  • Added checks to make sure registration is happening correctly
  • Added checks to make sure attributes aren't being re-defined
  • Added many comments and clarifications for the Javadocs
  • Changed health and mana for classes to attributes
  • Changed ClassSkill to extend Attributed (has the same methods though)
  • Changed CustomClass to extend Attributed (get/set health/mana is now different)
  • Moved the configured health/mana data into CustomClass
  • Renamed Class back to SkillTree
v0.4 - 10/2/13
  • Added the scoreboard titles to the language config
  • Added level up, cooldown, and mana messages to the language config
  • Added the PlayerClassChangeEvent
  • Added the PlayerExperienceGainEvent
  • Added the PlayerLevelUpEvent
  • Added the PlayerManaGainEvent
  • Added the PlayerManaUseEvent
  • Added the PlayerSkillUnlockEvent
  • Added the PlayerSkillUpgradeEvent
  • Added controlling health in CustomClass
  • Added controlling mana in CustomClass
  • Fixed a bug with saving/loading player data
  • Removed debug messages for the skill tree generation
v0.3 - 10/2/13
  • Added a Protection utility class to determine allies from enemies
  • Added command messages to the language configuration
  • Changed the name of the Default class to DefaultAttributes
  • Changed the DefaultAttributes to be strings rather than enum values
  • Changed packages around (likely won't happen again)
  • Changed player arguments to not be case-sensitive
  • Fixed the API requiring MCCore when it should be optional
  • Fixed a bug with instantiating player data
  • Renamed SkillTree to Class
v0.2 - 10/1/13
  • Added the stopEffects(Player, int) method to the PassiveSkill interface
  • Made the skill description in skill trees configurable
v0.1 - 9/29/13
  • Initial Release