This is a simple plugin for creating and joining parties. This is meant to be used with SkillAPI as it allows you to share experience with other party members.

Players in the same party cannot damage each other and the amount of experience shared depends on the values in the config


If you use MCCore along with this plugin and enable the scoreboard in the config, then a scoreboard will be displayed on the right hand side with the members in the party and their class levels. This scoreboard will work with the one from SkillAPI, cycling between them if they are both active.

Config Values

  • max-size: the maximum number of players allowed in a party

  • invite-timeout: how long an invitation lasts in seconds before it is automatically cancelled

  • remove-on-dc: whether or not party members are automatically removed when they disconnect

  • new-leader-on-dc: whether or not a new party leader is chosen when the current one disconnects

  • use-scoreboard: whether or not to show the party scoreboard when in a party

  • level-scoreboard: if true, displays levels in the scoreboad. Otherwise displays health

  • only-leader-invites: whether or not to only allow a party leader to invite new party members

  • exp-modifications.members: the modifier for the experience depending on the number of members
    The formula for this is: sharedExp = exp / (1 + (members - 1) * value)
    A value of 0 would mean all players get full experience and a value of 1 would mean the experience is divided by the number of members. Any value inbetween also works, so find a comfortable amount (0.5 - 1 is recommended)

  • exp-modifications.level: the modifier for the experience depending on the difference in levels between party members
    The formula for this is: playerExp = sharedExp * 2^(-value * levelDifference^2)
    A value of 0 would not change the experience due to level differences
    If you want to use this value, it's recommended to use small decimals (between 0 and 0.01)


Commands are configurable as of v1.2 by using the commands.yml file. This is the default setup:

  • /pt accept - accepts a party invitation
  • /pt decline - declines a party invitation
  • /pt invite <player> - Invites a player to join your party
  • /pt leave - leaves your current party
  • /pt info - shows basic information about your party such as the leader, party size, and members


  • party.general - permission to use the commands


Source Code

GitHub Source Code

For faster responses, you can comment on the SkillAPI page or post in the SkillAPI forum in the Parties section. I check there more frequently than this page. You can find the forum here:

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