1.11 use v2.13.15

1.10 use v2.13.13

1.9.4 use v2.13.12

1.8-1.9 use v2.13.10


First Off, I watch several Hermitcrafters, and after seeing them have issues with their Single Player Sleep command block, rain messes it up. I decided to make this simple plugin.

Product Description:

When a player right clicks on a bed, the plugin broadcasts "[CANCEL] <player> is sleeping", if no one clicks on Cancel, then after 10 seconds the plugin will advance the time ahead to the next morning. Thus the day and difficulty is not affected. The plugin also checks for storms, and if the player has the permissions, it will clear them. There is also a permission for the Cancel command.

image 1 image 2


sps.hermits - Allows player to sleep when other players are online. default=true
sps.downfall - Allows player to clear downfall. default=true
sps.thunder - Allows player to clear thunderstorm. default=true
sps.cancel - Allows player to cancel SPS of other players. default=true
sps.command - Allows player to use /sleep command, instead of a bed. default=op
sps.op - Admin, Overrides all permissions. default=false

If the player is the only player online, then the bed functions as normal, since the sleep function works before the 10 second delay.


# change to false to stop auto-update-check
auto-update-check: true
# color of [CANCEL]
cancelcolor: RED
# set to true to broadcast "<player> canceled sleep."
# set to false not to broadcast that msg.
cancelbroadcast: true
# set to true before sending a log about an issue.
#logs trace data required to pinpoint where errors are.
debug: false
# Available languages (English US) en_US, (LOLCat) lol_US,
# (Dutch) nl_NL, (Fran├žais) fr_FR, (Deutsch) de_DE
lang: en_US


This plugin is open source; you can view the source code on github. Feel free to open issues there or submit pull requests.

Added MCStatsLite

image 3

If you like this, check out my other plugin NoEndermanGrief, PortalHelper, and DragonDropElytra.


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