This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

This page exists as a project template. The project is currently on hold.

About SimpleVillages

My plugin, SimpleVillages, aims to be the simplest player controlled land management plugin out there. Players claim land by selecting two points, the plugin then protects the cube generated by those two points.

Don't worry though, you will not have to dig to bedrock as it automatically expands the protection from bedrock to sky. You must only select the two points on the surface. The player can then add or remove players from their village; switch different settings such as PvP, Mob Spawning, or Player Build; and/or expand their village. The village requires a daily fee be put into the Village Funds, via a sign system that will soon be perfected. If such funds are not met the village will be given 24 hours to pay the fee or their Village will fall into ruins (The land will become unprotected).


/v create ~ Starts the village creation process

/v expand ~ Allows you to expand (claim more land) your village

/invite [name] ~ Invites a player to your village

/revoke [name] ~ Revokes a player's citizenship

/yes ~ Accepts an invitation to a village

/no ~ Declines an invitation to a village

/v new alliance [Village Name] ~ Adds that village to your alliance list (In the config you can either enable or disable ally build)

/vc [words] ~ Sends a message to all online village members

/v leader set [name] ~ Set's the village's leader (Only the current Village Leader can perform this command)

/vp [name] ~ Looks up a player's stats (vp stands for Village Player)

/v leave ~ Leaves a village

/v join ~ Joins a Free Village

/v [Name] ~ Looks up a Village's Stats

/v help ~ Displays all the commands

/v tp [Village Name] ~ TPs to the village of choice

/v set (mobs, pvp, build) (on/off) ~ Switches various village settings

/v delete [Village Name] ~ Deletes the village (Only the Village Leader can use this command)

/v admin [Command] [Village Name] (This allows admins to execute any command as the Village Leader)


v.create = Has permission to create a village

v.expand = Has permission to expand their village = Has permission to use their village’s chat

v.invite = Has permission to invite someone to their village

v.revoke = Has permission to revoke a village member’s citizenship

v.admin = Can use these commands on any Village, with /v admin [Any Command] [Village Name]

v.blocklimitbypass = Has permission to bypass the block claim limit in the config

v.all = Has access to every command except /v admin

Plugin Config

#Amount of blocks a village can claim (In a 2D Grid)

MaxBlocks: 10000

#If Set To False Leaders Can’t Toggle Their Village’s PVP Status (Every Village Will Be PvP)

PvPToggling: True

#Disables/Enables Village Chat

VillageChat: True

#If Set To True Allied Villages Can Build In Each Other’s Towns

AlliesCanBuildInEachOthersVillages: False

#If Set To False Players Can’t Build In No Man’s Land

NoMansLandBuild: True

#Price per block claimed (In a 2D Grid)

PricePerBlock: True

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