A plugin requested by @landstreet HERE

A simple lightweight plugin which allows members(with the permission) to see the number of staff online and who they are. This could be very useful for people who don't know who to ask for help, they can do /stafflist and ask the "staff" to help them
No more "Who is staff" or "Omg i need helppp" Messages filling up the chat

This plugin allows you to add player to a list called StaffList and with one single command it will list All the staff online , and the amount online. No reload needed after adding people , Just add or remove , and when the next player use /stafflist it will be in sync

  • NOTE: They DO NOT have to be op to be added in the list.


CommandUsageFunctionPermission Node
stafflist/stafflistAllows people to see how many staffonline and see the online staff- stafflist.use
stafflist add/sl add <player_name>Adds the player to the StaffList- stafflist.add
stafflist all/stafflist allShows all players on the StaffList regardless Online or not- stafflist.all
stafflist remove/sl remove <player_name>Removes the player from the StaffList- stafflist.remove


Permission NodeDescriptionDefault
- stafflist.addAllows player to add player to the StaffListop
- stafflist.allAllows player to show all people in StaffListop
- stafflist.removeAllows player to remove player from the StaffListop
- stafflist.useAllows the player to use /stafflistop
Special NodeDescriptionDefault
- stafflist.*Wildcard node - Allows all usage of the StaffList Pluginop

To-do List:

  • Make plugin Completed , waiting aproval
  • Highlight op's in the StaffList
  • Color Config messages


Source Code on Github: HERE


Thank you all for downloading the plugin, Please leave feedback good or bad.

If there is a problem please report it through a ticket




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