SimpleShop 4.0


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    Apr 25, 2019
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.13
  • 1.12
  • 1.11



  • IMPORTANT: As the identification of materials has changed in the last Minecraft versions, the old numeric block-IDs are not working anymore. This means that the config files need to be adjusted to be working again. Instead of the numeric IDs it is now required to enter the block name. For example the "stone" (had ID 1 before). Please remove the prices, synonyms and names block from existing config files or delete them completely.
  • added support for the latest bukkit server versions (1.13.2)
  • autocomplete support for shop commands (synonyms are listed when user type /buy/price or /sell)
  • German translation can't be included in the download anymore, you can access it here.


  • important fix for a possible server crash when misusing /sell command with large numbers
  • added number format exception message


  • finally sub-item support (e.g. colored wool, different wood types)
  • improved sell function (sell multiple stacks at once, sell all if quantity is larger than items in inventory)
  • name function (/setname) and displayed names in notifications (like "You successfully purchased 3 oak wood planks ...")
  • Plugin rename to SimpleShop and new release


  • updated for 1.10
  • added /sell function


  • first version of project
  • added ability to buy and view price of items
  • added synonyms