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SimpleRamChecker is an easy to use, and light-weight plugin that will check and show you many things, including, the amount of RAM your server has, how much of it is being used, and how much of it is free to use.

The plugin is very light-weight, and you won't even know its there! The server's performance will not show a difference. Even if you think "I don't need this," it's still helpful to install it on your server because there may be a time where you need to check your RAM easily - well now you can!



bull1 Very light-weight plugin.

bull1 Check the amount of RAM your server is using.

bull1 Check the amount of free RAM for your server to use.


Permissions and Commands:

Main Commands:

bull1 /SimpleRamChecker - No PermissionShows plugin version and the plugin developer.

bull1 /SimpleRamChecker Help - No PermissionShows plugin help menu.

bull1 /Ram - SimpleRamChecker.CheckShows your servers RAM info.


How To Install:

Download SimpleRamChecker's latest version from this page, and you should get a .jar. Place that into your server's plugins folder.


Thank You:

Thanks for viewing this plug-in. If you have any questions/comments/concerns, please feel free to post a comment. If you find any bugs or problems with this plug-in, please submit a ticket!



This plugin sends statistics about the usage to the server You can disable it using the command /essentials opt-out. Although sending info to the website is safe and helps me get info on how many servers and players are using the plugin, and puts the info into the graph below!



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