SimpleModerator - Simple, powerful, easy-to-use Moderation plugin

SimpleModerator provides a very simple and powerful way of moderating a server with permissions support for any configuration you need. It provides all sorts of functionality you need to help you keep your server under control while remaining lightweight, and of course allows most things to be done in-game so you rarely ever have to touch a config file.

NOTE: Requires a permission plugin integrated with Bukkit's permission APIs! Tested with Privileges.


  • Simple moderation plugin with Permissions support
  • Allows moderation with ease
  • bans + temporary bans
  • IP Bans
  • mutes + temporary mutes
  • kicks
  • In-game unmute and unban
  • Many permissions nodes to give exactly who you want the power you want

Commands Overview

Comma-separated values are aliases of same command

  • /simplemoderator, /simplemod, /sm, /sa | Displays SimpleMod help
  • /ban <name> [reason] | Bans player with the given name
  • /tban, /tempban <name> <hours> [reason] | Bans player for given # of hours
  • /unban, /uban <name> | Unbans player with the given name if they are banned
  • /mute <name> [reason] | Mutes player with the given name
  • /tmute, /tempmute <name> <hours> [reason] | Mutes player for given # of hours
  • /unmute, /umute <name> | Unmutes player with given name
  • /kick <name> [reason] | Kicks player with given name
  • /banip, /ipban, /iban <name> [reason] | Bans supplied player's IP address
  • /banbyip, /banuserbyip <IP> |Bans given IP address(will not kick an online user)
  • /unbanip, /uipban, /uiban, /ubanip <IP> | Unbans given IP address

Config Overview


The config file for SimpleModerator is very simple and will be auto-generated on first run. The file should contain(minus my comments):

# lists for mutes/bans/etc
bans: ''
mutes: ''
ipbans: ''

# should plugin broadcast bans/kicks/mutes to everyone on server
  ban: false
  kick: false
  mute: false

# limits on temp commands in hours(168 or 7 days default)
  ban: 168
  mute: 168

# should mutes persist through server restart
persist-mutes: 'false'

Most of this is handled by the plugin when you do things in-game, but the persist-mutes node is important. You must change this to 'true' if you wish it to save mutes through server restart. This is an option because many people don't need mutes to persist and it reduces IO.

Manually Adding Entries

You can also manually add players to ipbans, bans, and mutes lists if you wish. Entries are comma-separated and in this format:


Expiration time is system time in ms that the entry should expire or -1 for permanent, so I recommend only adding permanent entries manually, and letting the plugin handle temp bans through commands.

Example line
bans: 'badplayer:-1,grieferlol123:-1,teehee:-1,'

Permissions Overview

Permissions for SimpleModerator are available to let you put the power in exactly who you want power to be in.

'simplemod' - Use /sm command to list usable commands
'simplemod.mute' - Temp and perm mute, includes temp
'simplemod.mute.temp' - Temp mute
'simplemod.unmute' - Unmute
'simplemod.ban' - Temp and perm ban, includes temp
'simplemod.ban.temp' - Temp ban
'simplemod.unban' - Unban
'simplemod.ipban' - IP ban
'simplemod.unbanip' - Unban IP address
'simplemod.kick' - Kick
'simplemod.*' - Includes all above permissions

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