SimpleLogic is my first plugin, so constructive criticism is appreciated. It allows sign based logic gates. They work by having two inputs and one output. You can choose if the output is to the right of the block the sign is attached to, to the left, or behind it. The 2 non-output blocks are the input areas. Currently the sign must be attached to a wall to work. The first line will turn to dark blue if you're making the sign properly.

How to use

The syntax for signs is:


Output location(left,right, or back)

Logic operator(and, or, xor, nor, xnor, nand)

Example Sign

This sign checks if the block to the left or the block to right has power and places a redstone torch in the back if it's true.


  • Add permissions support
  • Add other types of redstone things such as clocks.
  • Requests

Thanks to ngc0202 for encouraging me to make this.



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