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About- Have you ever wanted to strike a noob with a flaming and exploding cow? Or have you ever been about to die and you don't have the time to get food to heal yourself or a fellow comrade (Temporarily taken out)? Then you came to the right place because this plugin suits all your Jesus like needs! With this plugin you can get a snowball and if you throw that snowball it will turn into a majestic exploding cow! Also, with this plugin comes a simple heal feature where you can heal you and or another player! This plugin is definantly only in beta so expect more to come! ATTENTION /HEAL AND /HEAL PLAYER ARE TEMPORARILY DISABLED IN VERSION 0.4 ALPHA


/wwt (water walk toggle)


sj.snowbomb (allows players to throw snowballs that turn into cows)

sj.wwt (allows the toggle of walking on water)

Current Features-

- throw snowballs that turn into flaming exploding cows

- walk on water (turns the water below you into ice | Alpha Stage )

- bPermissions, PEX, Permissions3.x support

Features to come-

- other flaming animals (already setup to be released in the next version)

- separate permissions for the self heal and healing other players

- more Jesus like commands such as /god

Do you use this plugin? PM me the server name and IP and I will post it here!


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