This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

SimpleHotel v1.1

SimpleHotel is a plugin in which I hope to expand in the future. The plugin is basically a 'payed warps' plugin, with '[check-in]' signs along with various other tools to allow you to create 'simple hotels'. This plugin requires Vault, so if you havn't already installed that on your server, I reccomend you do so as to support my plugin and many others to come in the future which will support this new API. Check out the Main Forum for more info including a video of the plugin in operation.


  • Create hotels with [hotel] tag on top line of sign
  • Hotel pricing
  • [check-in] signs which allow users to rightclick the sign to 'check in' to a hotel
  • Commands for all major hotel operations
  • Deletes hotels when the accompanying sign is removed

Permissions & commands


  • SimpleHotel.create.hotel:

Description: States whether or not a player can make a hotel

Default: op

  • SimpleHotel.create.checkin:

Description: States whether or not a player can create a check-in sign

Default: op

  • SimpleHotel.remove:

Description: States whether or not a player can destroy hotel signs

Default: op

  • SimpleHotel.canbuy:

Description: Defines whether or not a user may buy a hotel with a sign or command

Default: op

  • SimpleHotel.list:

Description: Defines whether or not a player can list available hotels

Default: op


  • hotel:

description: Command for purchasing a hotel room for a night.

usage: /<command> <hotelroom>

aliases: [buyhotel, rentroom, stay]

  • delhotel:

description: Command for deleting hotels which have been assigned.

usage: /<command> <hotelroom>

aliases: [removehotel, hotelremove, hoteldel, delroom]

  • listhotels:

description: Command for listing designated hotels

usage: /<command>

aliases: [hotels]


To create a simple hotel, place a sign in game. Once you have done this, set the lines as follows:

1st line: [hotel] 2nd line: <name of hotel> 3rd line: <price> eg: 10.50, 20.70 (must have decimal places)

To create a check-in sign, set it up as follows:

1st line: [check-in] 2nd line: <name of hotel>

Thank you for using my plugin and put any requests or problems in the comment section below :)


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