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This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.


This unique plugin will let you add more fun in game and keep a better controll of your admins/mods! What it does, is to use Gui for admin controls, and not only! like to set weather.

== Features: ==

✒ Texture Pack Choser ▩(NEW)▩

✒ Set weather

✒ Set gamemode

✒ Ender Chest ▩(NEW)▩

✒ Work bench ▩(NEW)▩

✒ Enchantment table ▩(NEW)▩

✒ Teleport to online player

✒ Teleport to a world of the servert (Locates all worlds in the server. Permission enabled.)

✒ Potion Choser!

✒ Trash bin

✒ General server changes like disable pvp, enable global mute ect... ▩(NEW)▩

✒ Update Warner! it will let you know when a update is available! :D ▩(NEW)▩

✒ Changed the coding method and made it REALY faster.

✒ Changed name on the wand.

What does what:

▶ Texture Pack Choser: This is a unique feature that alows you to chose texturepacks, download them and aply them ingame!!! :D You add up to 54 texture packs in the config with a dowload link and when a player opens the Texturepack library, they will show up with what name you provide, and with the item you specify! Also you can type a small description for them :D (See configuration section for more <Coming soon>)

▶ Weather option: weather option and as the name sugests, lets you change the weather. the user of it must have permission to.

▶Set gamemode Alows user to change his own gamemode if he has permission to. Permissions for each gamemode so for instance a player has no permission to swich to creative but only between survival and advetntrue. See the permissions board

▶Teleport to online player Lets the user teleport to a online player shown as a green wool in the gui

▶Open ender chest Allows user to open his own enderchest and edit it from anywhere on any world.

▶Workbench Workbench is essentialy a portable crafting table

▶Enchantment table A portable Enchanting table

▶EnderChest Open your enderchest remotely!

▶Teleport to world This feature locates all worlds in the server and shows them in the screen, ofcaurse if you want players to be able to go to world named "test" and to world named "World" you have to give them permission Simplegui.world.<worlds name> in this case in the<worlds name> goes Test and World

▶Potion choser Allows the user to chose a potion and then get it to his inventory. As with Teleport, if the player has no permission to Simplegui.potion.Fire_resistance then he is not able to take potion of fire resistance

▶Trash bin a realy usefull feature that lets players discard useless items instead of throwing them on the ground and then cause lag.


A Full list of all permissions can be found HERE


Configuration is fairly simple to do, HERE is a better explanation of what is what.


/sa Shows the help menu /sa wand Giuves you the wand to open the gui with right or left click /sa wand [player] Gives the specific player a wand and if he has permission to open the gui he can use it.

Development stage: Release


☑ Add more pages on player teleport

☑ Add more features on the General Server Changes part :S

☑ Add remote workbench DONE

☑ Add update warning system DONE

☑ Make less heavy DONE

☑ Fix minor errors showing up in console. DONE

☑ Get more ideas... :(


For support please post comments i will read them and reply to them as soon as posible. PLEASE post your questions! i would love to hear them and answer them...

░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░ ░✮What can i do to support? ░ ░✮post comments ⌨ ░ ░✮subscribe ░ ░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░ Do whatever of the above you like, and if you like to :D thanks!


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