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Current SimpleFly Version: 1.4.7b Be advised, this SimpleFly version is a beta build. If you want the most stable release, download v1.4.5.

SimpleFly is a super simple flying plugin! Simply use /fly and /stopfly to start and stop flying!


  • No damage on falling when using /stopfly!
  • Super simple /fly and /stopfly commands!
  • All permissions plugins supported!
  • Permissions plugin is not needed (defaults to OP!)
  • Very customizable!


  • /fly - Start flying! Double-tap after using the command to start flying! Press shift to go down, WASD to go forwards, left, back, and right, and space to go up!
  • /stopfly - Stops flying!
  • /fly <playername> - Force a player to fly!
  • /stopfly <playername> - Force a player to stop flying!
  • /sfinfo - Shows info about this plugin (commands and authors)!


When you run SimpleFly for the first time, a config.yml will be generated inside the SimpleFly folder. Inside the config.yml, you will see two options:

  • config-pvp-timer=0
  • config-fall-damage=true

config-pvp-timer=0 is the amount of time that it takes (seconds) for a player to be able to use /fly after being damaged. If the value is 0, then it is disabled. config-fall-damage, if set to true, allows a player to not get damaged by falls. If set to false, they will get fall damage.

Permissions Nodes

Works with all permissions plugins!

  • - Allows /fly and /stopfly!
  • SimpleFly.pvp - Allows a player to PVP while flying!
  • SimpleFly.nodamage - Allows a player to not take damage while flying!
  • SimpleFly.teleport - Allows flight to persist through teleportation!
  • SimpleFly.potion - Allows players to throw/use potions when flying!


This plugin uses a TPL license, courtesy of @tyzoid. If you'd like to see a copy of the license, look here! This plugin is closed-source due to some people who tried to copy my plugins >.>. The changelog for this plugin can be seen when downloading the latest version of SimpleFly.

SimpleFly Statistics

  • Full statistics can be found here.

If you'd like to know when a new update is coming out, please follow me! と(٥ ٥)つ Come now, surely we can be friends. と(٥ ٥)つ

If you'd like to support SimpleFly, put this in your signature:

Achievement Get SimpleFly

  • If you need the BBCode for it, its here.

Thank you for using SimpleFly! If you enjoy using this plugin, please consider replying to this project with feedback! It's the only thanks we developers get for our plugins.

Todo List

  • Add a feature in the config.yml where flying is already enabled in some worlds.
  • Fix bugs related to dispenser throwing throwable potions.
  • Add a permissions node that controls whether or not people can use bow/arrows while in the air.
  • Fix errors activated when you get hit by an arrow, flying or not.
  • Add speed modifications


  • @ShootToMaim for being the main author for this plugin!
  • @tyzoid for helping to update and add new features to this plugin!


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