Important Notices
  • Will be updated to use UUIDs instead of usernames soon. Please stand by.
  • Version 1.5 adds support for third party ban conditions. View the 'Config Explanation' section for details.
General Information

On death, players are kicked from server, and ban is saved into a MySQL / SQLite database.
Saved information includes:

  • Player Name
  • Cause of death (if applicable)
  • Entity caused by (if applicable)
  • Date
  • Active (defaults to 1)

When a player joins, their name is tested against active deaths. If they are dead / banned, they are kicked with a custom kick message.

The plugin doesn't actually do anything with saved information (apart from player name and date), however a web application is available if you wish to display death information on a website. The web app, written in PHP, can be found here This web app is still being updated with various features.

  • Simply place plugin into plugins folder and reload / restart server.
MySQL Setup

If you want to use a MySQL database instead of an SQLite database, simply change the 'driver' config option from 'sqlite' to 'mysql', and complete the mysql connection details.

Web App Setup

Download the compressed copy of the web app from the following link:
You must be making use of a MySQL database in order to take advantage of this web app.

  • Uncompress the files into your web directory. Your web server must support PHP with MySQL.
  • Modify the 'config.php' file in the root directory with your MySQL connection details. You can also edit death messages that appear on the page.

You should now be able to view active deaths on the website. This web package is still being updated.

Default Configuration
kickmessage: You're Dead :(
bantime: 0
dobans: true

  driver: sqlite
    username: uname
    password: pword
    host: localhost
    port: 3306
    database: deathbans
    file: plugins/SimpleDeathBans/simpledeathbans.sqlite

    enabled: false
    banatpower: -10
Config Explanation
  • Kill message and database are self explanatory.
  • Bantime is in minutes, and specifies how long a user will be unable to join the server for once they are killed. A bantime of 0 is a permanent ban (useful for if you want to reset all bans at the end of the month, by using '/deathbans reset')
  • Dobans sets whether or not to actually ban players. If you simply want to use the plugin in conjunction with the web app for displaying deaths on a website without actually banning players, set this config value to false.

As of v1.5 there is support for third party ban conditions.
In order to utilize the conditional thirdparty banning, 'dobans' must be 'false' to disable the default ban handling (which is obviously ban on any death).
PM me for third party ban conditions for other plugins and I'll look into adding them.

  • banatpower - When a players power level gets equal to or below this value, they are deathbanned.
Todo List
  • Save players last words to database on death.
  • /deathbans - List possible commands
  • /deathbans reset - Set all deaths to inactive.
  • /deathbans reload db - Reload deaths from MySQL database
  • /deathbans reload config - Reload config file (which causes a database reload as well)
  • /deathbans revive <player> - Set active deaths matching the player to inactive.
  • deathbans.invincible - Don't ban player on death. Helpful if you're admin, and want to.. administrate your server.
  • deathbans.reset - Allow use of the '/deathbans reset' command
  • deathbans.reload.database - Allow use of the '/deathbans reload db' command.
  • deathbans.reload.config - Allow use of the '/deathbans reload config' command.
  • deathbans.revive - Allow use of the '/deathbans revive' command.
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