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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.4.7


Version 1.0 (SimpleClans2)

  • This is the second version of SimpleClans, so you will need to convert your data!
  • This is the first beta and may contain bugs!
  • You should only update if you know some basics or SQL so you can at least make a backup of your current data!
  • To convert follow the following steps:
  1. Remove SimpleClans(the first version) from your plugins directory and install SimpleClans2!
  2. Execute the following command: /clan convert mysql localhost(host) yourDatabase yourUser yourPassword or: /clan convert sqlite plugins/SimpleClans/SimpleClans.db
  3. Stop your server and start it again and your data should be converted!

Version 2.4.1

  • Fixed sql bugs
  • Fixed the reload command

Version 2.4

  • Fixed issues with vitals command
  • Fixed client crashes
  • Fixed sql errors
  • Added basic land claiming (beta!)
  • New command system
  • Performance improvements
  • Added a temp rally point
  • Fixed chat
  • Added auto-updater
  • Updated to latest recommand
  • Fixed problems with ps

Version 2.3.4

  • Fixed Server crashing
  • Fixed other various bugs
  • Fixed /clan vitals thx to Spyboticsguy

Version 2.3.3

  • Fixed Roster-Command
  • Fixed clan deleting

Version 2.3.2

  • Possible fix for roster command

Version 2.3.1

  • Fixed NPE

Version 2.3

  • Fixed: NPE on the reload command
  • Added: auto-warring (If the clan raises a configurable amount of strifes with another clan, war will start)
  • Added: First implementation for wolf/ocelot sharing (If you right-click on the entity and if the owner is another member of you clan, then you will be the owner)
  • Added: Automatically updates the database
  • Added: Bank-Systen (see below)
  • Added: Plugin-Metrics
  • Added: Option to auto-add the group.[CLAN] permission
  • KDR-based rewards. If you kill member of a neutral clan you will get KDR * multiplier (in the config). If you kill a member of a rival clan you will KDR * multiplier * 2 and if you kill a member of a ally clan you will lose KDR * multiplier.

New Commands:

  • /clan bank deposit [amount]/withdraw [amount]/status
  • /clan toggle deposit/withdraw (Toggels the ability to withdraw/deposit to the clan for members (not leaders))

New Permissions:

  • simpleclans.member.bank


  • Fixed NPE


  • Better handling for permissions


  • Fixed NPE

Version 2.2.6

  • Added per clan permissions(See config for an example)
  • You can set prices now to decimal values
  • You can set a cost for home setting and using
  • Home-Teleporting should work now well

Version 2.2.5

  • Updated to new craftbukkit version

Version 2.2.4* Fixed: SQLite not saving to database

Version 2.2.3* Updated to work with mChatSuite's new API class name

Version 2.2.2* Chat shows colored in console, no more weird characters

Version 2.2.1* Added: ability to charge money for clan invites (by P000ison)

  • All seeing eye chat lines changed from yellow to dark gray
  • Fixed sql connections closing

Version 2.2* R0.1 ready

Version 2.1.3 (R5 ready)* Fixed: cape command

  • Fixed: All-seeing-eye wall of text
  • Changed: Standardized permission nodes. Now all "group" nodes have .* at the end (i.e. simpleclans.leader.*)
  • Added: /clan setrank [player] [rank], to allow leaders to give their members imaginary ranks (ranks can be multiple worlds and can contain &f color codes)
  • Added: "simpleclans.leader.setrank" permission
  • Changed: Clan Roster to show the player's rank
  • Changed: Member lookup to show the player's rank
  • Changed: Clan chat will now show the player's rank if they have one
  • Added: "clanchat.rank-color" config setting, to set the rank's default color
  • Updated: Works with latest mChatSuite (post-api change)
  • Fixed: Clans that reached the rival limit are now able to remove rivals
  • Fixed: PVP-only-while-at-war setting, now it is implemented and working

Version 2.1.2 (R5 ready)* Updated for R5

  • Added: "simpleclans.admin.all-seeing-eye", players with this permission can see everyones clan chat

Version 2.1.1* Removed: colorMe integration (dev broke/removed his API)

Version 2.1.0* Fixed: mChat integration. Working with mChat b114

Version 2.0.9* Compiled against R4

Version 2.0.8* Fixed: Bug where members of other clans could talk in anyone's clan chat

  • Added: Shortcut command to talk in your own clan chat /. [msg]
  • Added: "clanchat.tag-based-clan-chat" in the config to disable the traditional clan chat command /[tag] [msg]
  • Added: Code to support new Dynmap-SimpleClans features

Version 2.0.7* Added: "simpleclans.mod.keep-items" permission to keep items when teleporting home

  • Added: "settings.item-list", a list of item ids that to be used with one of the two settings below
  • Added: "settings.drop-items-on-clan-home", this will make it so before a clan player teleports home, he will drop every item he has in his inventory that matches the items on that list (good for preventing players the use of the home teleport for a quick way home after raiding or the like)
  • Added: "settings.keep-items-on-clan-home", this will make it so before a clan player teleports home, he will drop all the items in his inventory that DO NOT match the items on the list (good for preventing players the use of the home teleport for a quick way home after raiding or the like)

Version 2.0.6* Fixed: A problem with saving and reading back warred clans from database. War is now working. Must also update PreciousStones.

Version 2.0.5* Added: mChat custom variable. Basically you enable the integration setting in the config 'settings.mchat-integration', then you can use the variable -clan in your mChat configuration to drop in the clan tag.

  • Added: 'settings.mchat-integration' in config to enable it
  • Changed: Chat Compatibility Mode updated, now if you don't have {clan} in your chat plugin's config it will prefix the player's chat message with the clan tag, putting the tag before the player's name. It's another method to try. if you can't get the default display name method, or the {clan} method working.
  • Fixed: Clan tags are enabled by default once again

Version 2.0.4

  • Added back vault support, it somehow got removed in latest veriosn due to human errors
  • Changed: /clan cape toggle, changed to /clan toggle cape
  • Changed: /clan bb toggle, changed to /clan toggle bb
  • Added: /clan toggle tag
  • Added: "simpleclans.member.tag-toggle" permission
  • Removed: "settings.language" and the built in language files. you will need to override the english language if you want your own language now. (No one bothered to share back their language files wiht me so why go through the extra effort)
  • Changed: Tag colors in chat now auto-update themselves after using /clan modtag (before you had to type a couple times in the chat for it to update)
  • Removed: White color after names to aid with essentials chat servers reverted (If youre using Essentials or your name is Gnintendo you can go suck it)

Version 2.0.3

  • Fixed "mostKilled.command" error

Version 2.0.2

  • Switched JSON parser to org.json.simple. If you have been having problems with clans not saving, clans created not showing up, clans being erased on reload, /clan bb toggle not saving after reload, clan homes not saving, or any other database related anomaly as such, this update. will fix your problem
  • renamed setting "disable-auto-groups" to "enable-auto-groups" and have disabled it by default
  • Removed NoClan auto group

Version 2.0.1

  • Added "settings.disable-auto-groups" setting to disable auto groups for Permission plugins that don't work with multiple groups per person

Version 2.0* Automatic permissions - Read section on OP called "Automatic Permissions"

  • Added /clan mostkilled - Read section on OP called "Most Killed"
  • Added /clan kills, /clan kills [player] - Read section on OP called "Kill List"
  • All kills and deaths recorded, for all players, even if they are not on a clan or have never been in one. KDR cheating by leaving a clan and letting themselves be killed hundreds of times for money will no longer be so attractive, once that civilian gets back on a clan he will have his hundreds of deaths recorded.
  • Clan leaders are now immune from being purged by inactivity

Note: The kill lists work with new changes made in the 1.9 versions which started recording all kills into the new sc_kills database table. If your server is way older than this then there will be a difference between the players kill counts that show up in his stats and profile than the ones that show up on the kill lists. Do not worry as there is no real problem with this other than that. If you want to sync them up, then this would be a good time to reset everyone's KDR by running the following two queries on your database (though I suggest you first try to find kdr cheaters with your current data and the /clan mostkilled command):

UPDATE sc_players SET neutral_kills=0, rival_kills=0, civilian_kills=0, deaths=0; DELETE FROM sc_kills;

Please report issus here.