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    May 3, 2012
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.2.5-R1.2


0.6 - Fixed 'cannot set empty path' error in CB-R1.3(Beta) - Updated channelnames to be all lowercase - Updated menu to contain: /fixchans and /scc reload - Added fixchans for updating channelnames to lowercase (instead of wiping storageconfig.yml) 0.5 - Added config option SilenceGeneralChat to silence general server chat when in a chat channel - Changed the colour of Channel messages (Green to White) - Updated the menu (aesthetic) - Fixed a bug with delchan that didn't allow admins to delete a channel 0.4 - Fixed console commands (addchan/joinchan/partchan still require a user) - Fixed users having to leave and rejoin a chan on restart, all channels userlists now empty on server close. 0.3 - Fixed alot of commands and the way they behave - Fixed /deluser - Added /kuser for kicking a user from a channel 0.2 - Added an option for checking a locked channels accesslist: /chanlist [channelname] [access] - Added an option for creating a locked channel /addchan: <channelname> [locked] - Added /joinchan and /partchan for joining and parting unlocked channels - Added 2 channel states: locked / unlocked 0.1 - Initial Creation