Editing Config.yml

When SimpleCarts is first run, a config.yml file will be created in your /plugins folder. You can find it inside the folder named "SimpleCarts". Once opened with a text editor such as WordPad, simply note the names of each option and make changes accordingly. Depending on the number of worlds in your server and which version of the plugin you are using, your config.yml may contain different features.

CategoryPropertyDescriptionDefault Setting
BlockIDsboosterBlock ID of Booster control block (must be solid).41
BlockIDsbouncerBlock ID of Bouncer control block (must be solid).35
BlockIDsbrakeBlock ID of Brake control block (must be solid).88
BlockIDsejectorBlock ID of Ejector control block (must be solid).42
BlockIDselevatorBlock ID of Elevator control block (must be solid).57
BlockIDsintersectionBlock ID of Intersection control block (must be solid).45
BlockIDsstationBlock ID of Brake control block (must be solid).49
CollectoractiveWhether or not Collectors are enabled.true
Collectorauto-disposeChests will remove any absorbed Minecarts from their inventory.false
DispenseractiveWhether or not Dispensers are enabled.true
Dispenserauto-refillDispensers will refill themselves after spawning a Minecart.false
Economyenable-vaultPermits usage of Vault for economy abstraction.false
Economycost-per-rideSets the amount to be charged per cart ride (server ops ride free).20
LocaleoverrideManually set the language to use on load.false
Localeiso-codeUsed to determine localization when override is enabled.enUS
Minecartdestroy-on-ejectDestroys the Minecart when passenger is forced out by an Ejector control block.false
Minecartdrop-on-ejectDrops the Minecart when passenger is forced out by an Ejector control block (overrides destroy-on-eject).false
Minecartdestroy-on-exitDestroys the Minecart when passenger is forced out by an Ejector control block.false
Minecartdrop-on-exitDrops the Minecart when passenger is forced out by an Ejector control block (overrides destroy-on-exit).false
Minecartpunch-to-stopAllows players to punch a Minecart to stop movement.true
Minecartspeed-multiplierControls the speed at which Minecarts travel (min. 0, max. 500).100
Pathremove-empty-cartsRemoves empty Minecarts upon collision.false
Pathremove-entitiesEliminates mobs and other entities upon collision.true
Pathkick-playersKicks players from the server upon collision.false
RedstoneboosterPermits redstone current to disable Booster control blocks.true
RedstonebouncerPermits redstone current to disable Bouncer control blocks.true
RedstonebrakePermits redstone current to disable Brake control blocks.true
RedstoneejectorPermits redstone current to disable Ejector control blocks.true
RedstoneelevatorPermits redstone current to disable Elevator control blocks.true
RedstonestationPermits redstone current to disable Station control blocks.true
Worlds<world>Toggles plugin support in this world.true


  • At high speeds, Minecarts may derail at corners and/or refuse to travel uphill. This often occurs with Boosters, even with 'speed-multiplier' at its default setting.
  • Stations use redstone to launch a previously stopped cart once powered and will lose this ability if their respective redstone property is set to 'false'.
  • Setting speed-multiplier to '0' will cause occupied Minecarts to exhibit vanilla-like behavior.