Simplified Minecart functionality for Bukkit servers.


SimpleCarts is a player-oriented solution to making Minecarts on your server easy and efficient to use. It is an alternative to similar plugins like MinecartMania and CraftBook Carts, just with less hassle.


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This plugin uses configurable "control blocks" placed under a Rail, Detector Rail or Powered Rail to perform one of many different actions. When a Minecart moves into the space above one of these blocks, that action is performed. Available control blocks are:

  • Booster: Speed up a Minecart by 2x speed (default Gold Block).
  • Bouncer: Reverse the direction that a Minecart is traveling (default Wool).
  • Brake: Slow down a Minecart by 1/2 speed (default Soul Sand).
  • Ejector: Eject a player from a Minecart (default Iron Block).
  • Elevator: Teleport a Minecart up/down onto another Elevator block (default Diamond Block). This is currently not working due to Minecraft changes. I am looking at ways to fix this soon.
  • Intersection: Choose the cardinal direction for a Minecart to travel (default Brick).
  • Station: Stop a player-filled Minecart entirely, and launch once powered (default Obsidian).

All blocks excluding Intersections can be disabled by an active redstone current by default. SimpleCarts also includes the following "utility blocks" (the block types of which are not configurable):

  • Collector: Gather a Minecart upon collision (always Chest).
  • Dispenser: Spawn a Minecart once powered (always Dispenser).

SimpleCarts only deals with Minecarts which are being used by a player. As such, most redstone devices like Minecart switches will continue to function properly. Unoccupied and mob-filled carts are left untouched. This plugin is great for servers which use Minecarts as a means of transportation.

Players can easily set Minecarts in motion by punching in the direction they want to go, in addition to traditional methods. The power to stop movement is provided as well (when not disabled). With entity removal, neither Cow nor Creeper dare stand in the way of an occupied Minecart.

Not comfortable with SimpleCarts in the Nether? Through the configuration, it's easy to enable or disable which worlds the plugin is allowed to work in. Additionally, Vault may be used to charge players for rides.


Commits are welcome on Github!

Check here for more information. If reporting a bug or suggesting a feature, please file a ticket.

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