This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

Important Note

I discontinued this plugin. If anyone would like to work on it, please fork the GitHub repository.
The plugin however still works properly, if you use the declared Minecraft versions.


SimpleBroadcast is a plugin which automatically sends defined messages to the chat.


  • Automatically timed messages are sent in a defined delay.
  • Easily enable or disable this plugin via in-game or console commands
  • Simple and easy to setup
  • Colour support!
  • Supports &k, &l, &m, ...
  • Supports links
  • Optional permissions
  • Editable prefix and suffix
  • Option to check if an update is available
  • Option to hide the messages in the console
  • Supports commands (when the messages starts wit a "/")
  • Supports JSON messages
  • Ignoring system.
  • Bossbar integration


  • /simplebroadcast - Shows you infos about the plugin.
  • /simplebroadcast start - Starts the broadcast messages.
  • /simplebroadcast stop - Stops the broadcast messages.
  • /simplebroadcast reload - Reloads the config.
  • /simplebroadcast bossbar start - Starts the boss bar broadcast.
  • /simplebroadcast bossbar stop - Stops the boss bar broadcast.
  • /simplebroadcast bossbar list - Shows all boss bar messages.
  • /simplebroadcast bossbar next - Skips the following message in the queue.
  • /simplebroadcast bossbar help - Shows the boss bar help pages.
  • /simplebroadcast list - Shows you all messages.
  • /simplebroadcast now <number> - Immediately broadcasts the given message.
  • /simplebroadcast next - Skips the following message in the queue.
  • /simplebroadcast add <msg> - Adds the entered message to the list.
  • /simplebroadcast remove <number> - Removes the given message from the list.
  • /simplebroadcast broadcast <msg> - Broadcasts the message which you've entered.
  • /simplebroadcast raw <msg> - Broadcasts the message without formatting.
  • /simplebroadcast ignore <name> - Adds/removes a player from the ignore list.
  • /simplebroadcast update - Toggles the update check function.
  • /simplebroadcast help (1-2) - Shows you all available commands.
  • /sb <command> - Alias for "/simplebroadcast".


If you aren't an operator or you want that another player can use the commands, you have to use the following permissions:

/simplebroadcast -> -
/simplebroadcast start -> - simplebroadcast.start
/simplebroadcast stop -> - simplebroadcast.stop
/simplebroadcast reload -> - simplebroadcast.reload
/simplebroadcast bossbar start -> - simplebroadcast.bossbar.start
/simplebroadcast bossbar stop -> - simplebroadcast.bossbar.stop
/simplebroadcast bossbar list -> - simplebroadcast.bossbar.list
/simplebroadcast bossbar next -> -
/simplebroadcast bossbar help -> -
/simplebroadcast list -> - simplebroadcast.list
/simplebroadcast now -> -
/simplebroadcast next -> -
/simplebroadcast add -> - simplebroadcast.add
/simplebroadcast remove -> - simplebroadcast.remove
/simplebroadcast broadcast -> - simplebroadcast.broadcast
/simplebroadcast raw -> - simplebroadcast.broadcast
/simplebroadcast ignore -> - simplebroadcast.ignore
/simplebroadcast update -> - simplebroadcast.update.toggle
/simplebroadcast help-> -

- simplebroadcast.update -> You can see the ingame update info if an update is available.
- simplebroadcast.* -> Give access to all commands.

Configuration/How to get started with SimpleBroadcast

At first you have to put the SimpleBroadcast.jar into your plugins folder. After a reload / a reboot a folder called "SimpleBroadcast" has been created automatically. In this folder there is the "config.yml". In this file, you can define which messages should be send to the chat, in which delay they should be broadcasted, if the plugin shall check for updates, ...


  • Add messages with permissions.
  • Add boss bar integration. (-> added in version 1.7)
  • Add a live broadcast command. (-> added in version 1.5)
  • Add %n support. (-> added in version 1.4)
  • Add suffix. (-> added in version 1.3)
  • Fix prefix. (-> fixed in version 1.3)
  • Add alias for /simplebroadcast (-> added in version 1.1)
  • Add more commands. (-> added in version 1.1)
  • Add message randomizer. (-> added in version 1.0)
  • Add PluginMetrics. (-> added in version 1.0)
  • Add updatecheck function. (-> added in version 1.0)
  • Add editable interval when the messages are broadcasted. (-> added in version 1.0)
  • Add permissions. (-> added in version 0.4)
  • Add editable prefix. (-> added in version 0.3)

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