Rolling Back

Here is a short example of restoring maps from a backup created by the plugin.

First and foremost you want to stop your server, after doing this navigate to the server folder. Now find your backups folder, mine is named "backups". server folder

Inside this folder you will find all of the backups the plugin has created, by default they are named YEAR-MONTH-DAY-HOUR-MINUTE-SECOND. In this example my file is called

backup file

To restore this backup you first want to put the corrupted/griefed map somewhere safe in-case the backup map is broken. I'm going to put mine in a folder called "latest map". After doing this you can open the zipped backup or map folder and put the three folders for your world into the root server folder.

restoring the map

You can now start your server and test to see if the restore has worked.


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