Simple Backup

Simple backup

Works with 1.10.x and up

If you have any problems with the plugin not working leave a comment!

What can I use this for?

Simple Backup is a plugin to zip up your minecraft server worlds to a folder so you can:

  • Let your users download them via file sharing websites such as mediafire
  • Roll back your map


  1. /sbackup - Force a backup of your world by running. Can only be ran by OPs or from the server console.

Providing error reports:

When pasting large amounts of text please use or They are completely free and makes it easier for me to read any error messages you provide.

Also provide your SimpleBackup config file and the version of the plugin you are using, when stating you have a problem, so I can see if that's the problem instead.


Click here for an explanation of how to configure this plugin.

Rolling Back Maps:

Click here for how to roll back your maps.


This plugin is generally updated when a significant change (new features or bugfixes) has been made to it. The plugin uses only a small number of very basic Bukkit API calls, so it most probably won't break on Bukkit updates. If it does break, we'll update it as soon as possible.

Want to help me out?

You can donate to Simple Backup if you love the plugin to bits and want to show me some support by clicking the donate button in the top right! Don't want to or can't donate?, then just leave a comment showing me support instead.

Thanks for any support you give me, and enjoy simple backup!

Source Code

The source code for this plugin can be found on Github here: SimpleBackup Git Repository

Thanks to Mantun for submitting my first pull request and consistent code changes and improvements! Github


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