Default Blacklist:
itemid is the item id, for example 1 for stone. Broadcast will send a message to the server alerting of the player's attempted action, log wil log it, and player will inform the rule breaker.

        Broadcast: false
        Player: true
        Log: true
    BlockPlace: true
    BlockBreak: false
    KickOnBreak: false
    KickOnPlace: false

After reviewing the code I'm pretty sure that past blacklists were actually whitelists. With 2.0, putting the block in the blacklist without giving the player permission will not allow the player to place/break that block. If the player does have permission, then they are allowed to place/break.

As of 2.0 standard bukkit permissions are used. Permissions list: - allows player to bypass blacklist rules - allows player to bypass blacklist rules
sag.blacklist.kick - makes players EXEMPT from kicking
sag.waterbucket - allows players to bypass waterbucket restrictions
sag.lavabucket - allows players to bypass lavabucket restrictions - allows players to bypass tnt prim restrictions
sag.tnt.kick - allows players to bypass kick restrictions on tnt


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