This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.


Have you ever been baffled by just how complicated some announcer plugins are? Do you want really simple per-world, per-group, and even per-permission announcements? Want commands to be run before or after announcements? Well this is the plugin for you!

IRC For instant support join my IRC channel #kezz101.
Latest Bukkit version Latest version: 2.0
Latest Tekkit version Latest Tekkit version: 1.3
Request a feature Request a feature by commenting here.
Submit a bug Found a bug? Let me know here.

SimpleAnnouncer only has 1 command with 4 options:

  • /sa - Displays the help page -
  • /sa start - Starts announcements - SimpleAnnouncer.start
  • /sa stop - Stops announcements - SimpleAnnouncer.stop
  • /sa reload - Reloads the plugin - SimpleAnnouncer.reload

NOTICE: You need the permission: to use any of the other options. You can also use the wildcard SimpleAnnouncer.* which gives access to everything

The configuration file for this plugin has become too large to display here. You can find the full configuration file here. There you will also find information about how to use per permission/world/group announcements, as well as information on how to run commands before and after announcements.

You can use all the colour and style codes in the Tag and your Announcements! So all you have to do is add your messages to the Announcements section and let the Plugin do the work.

Plugin Infomation


  • A simple announcer for your server!
  • Just place your messages into the Announcements section of the config file
  • Use any of the '&' colour codes and styles
  • Customisable tag
  • Define your own interval and delay
  • Use a wide range of custom tags in your announcement! See the Tags section of the colour and style page for more information!
  • Tekkit Edition now available!
  • Announcement modes!
    • NORMAL: Announces in written order
    • RANDOM: Announces completly randomly
    • SHUFFLE: Announces similar to an iPod, will announce randomly but won't announce the same one twice until all others have been announced
  • Localisation!
  • NEW! Run commands before or after announcements, and as the player or the console!
  • NEW! Per permission/world/group announcements (groups feature requires Vault to work).
  • NEW! Player related tags. Check out the Tags section of the colour and style page for more information!

Upcoming Features

  • More announcement modes
  • Change config options within game
  • SimpleAnnouncer Lite - SimpleAnnouncer without the added bulk

Known Bugs

  • No known bugs :)


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