This project has been marked as inactive. I've lost interest in developing it further and/or supporting it. If you have any questions regarding the project, please send me a PM (rather than commenting).

My first plugin, SimpleActions. It started as five commands, but it has now grown into a variety of fun and interesting features!


CommandDescriptionPermission Node
/ignite <player> [time]Sets a player on fire (if no time specified, uses config)SimpleActions.ignite
/poke <player>Pokes a playerSimpleActions.poke
/lol [player]Laugh out loud! (not really)
/murder <player>Instantly kills the target playerSimpleActions.murder
/hug <player>Gives a nice hugSimpleActions.hug
/cryMakes you crySimpleActions.cry
/soar [player]Allows you (or others) to fly (/fly)SimpleActions.soar
/stopsoar [player]Stops flying abilitiesSimpleActions.soar
/switchgamemode [player]Switches gamemodes (/sgm, /gm)
/slap <player>Slaps a playerSimpleActions.slap
/fakeOp <player>Fake ops a player (/fOp)SimpleActions.fakeOp
/fakeDeop <player>Fake de-ops a player (/fDeop)SimpleActions.fakeOp
/giveXP <player> [amount]Gives XP to a playerSimpleActions.giveXP
/zap [player]Calls lightning from the heavensSimpleActions.zap
/heal [player]Heals the specified playerSimpleActions.heal
/pm <player> <message>Sends a private message to the
/sword <diamond/iron> [player]Gives an iron or diamond sword to the playerSimpleActions.sword.<type>
/explode [player]Creates an explosion at the target player, or target blockSimpleActions.explode
/fireballLaunches a fireballSimpleActions.fireball

Note about permissions: You can give your users SimpleActions.user, which includes /poke, /lol, /hug, /cry, /slap, and /pm.


  • More commands
    • /slap
    • /zap
    • Flying
    • Easy gamemode toggling
    • /explode
    • /fireball
  • Bugfix with /slap
  • Customize the messages (or add a prefix)
  • Give me ideas!

Special Thanks:

Special thanks to the3cleaner@mcserver for making the logo!


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