Simple Suffix

Simple Suffix

Version: v1.7.1

(Follow me on Twitter for updates!) Simple Suffix is a very simple plugin. It lets players set their own custom suffix or prefix. Admins can control the layout. This can be used on servers that have a donator rank. A donator can set its own suffix/prefix but is limited to layout by admins. As an admin, you define how the suffix/prefix looks in the config. This plugin is based on permissions. If an admin doesn't like a suffix/prefix of a player, he can perform /suffix other <playername> <suffix> to set their suffix.


  • Create simple suffixes with just one command!
  • Handy for servers with donator ranks.
  • Supports all colours.
  • Simple, lightweight plugin.
  • Admins can control the suffixes.
  • Permissions
  • Character limit
  • Database support
  • Support for censored words.
  • Multiworld support


  • - simplesuffix.set.suffix.self Allows a player to set their own suffix.
  • - simplesuffix.set.suffix.other Allows a player to set someone else's suffix.
  • - simplesuffix.set.prefix.self Allows a player to set their own prefix.
  • - simplesuffix.set.prefix.other Allows a player to set someone else's prefix.
  • - simplesuffix.format.random Allows a player to use '&k'.
  • - simplesuffix.format.bold Allows a player to use '&l'.
  • - simplesuffix.format.strike Allows a player to use '&m'.
  • - simplesuffix.format.underlined Allows a player to use '&n'.
  • - simplesuffix.format.italic Allows a player to use '&o'.
  • - simplesuffix.format.reset Allows a player to use '&r'.
  • - simplesuffix.colours Allows a player to use colours.
  • - simplesuffix.colors Allows a player to use colours. (For American users)
  • - simplesuffix.suffix.bypass.censor Allows a player to bypass the censor for their suffix.
  • - simplesuffix.prefix.bypass.censor Allows a player to bypass the censor for their prefix.


  • /suffix <suffix> Set your own suffix.
  • /suffix other <playername> <suffix> Set someones suffix.
  • /suffix off Clear your own suffix.
  • /suffix other <playername> off Clear someones suffix.
  • /prefix <prefix> Set your own prefix.
  • /prefix other <playername> <prefix> Set someones prefix.
  • /prefix off Clear your own prefix.
  • /prefix other <playername> off Clear someones prefix.


  • Vault is necessary to run Simple Suffix!
  • A permissions plugin which supports chat (PEX, bPermissions)


Simple Suffix Staartvin sets his own suffix to 'The Chosen One' in blue.

Simple Suffix 2 Staartvin shows off his suffix.


I'm a poor student and I'm developing this plugin in my free-time, if you like my plugin and want to help me, please donate. Donating is the best way to help me out, it goes towards more bug-fixing. Thanks! Donate is in the top right corner. ;)


Thanks to all the people who donated and downloaded this plugin! I love you all! <3 Especially thanks to my donators who gave me that little boost:

  • FaxionMC for 20 dollars (!)
  • TanveerGT5 - for 10 dollars.
  • Sk89r - for 10 dollars.


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