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A lightweight Skin and Cape changer for Spout. Includes support for groups and Citizens 1.2 - 2.0. The goal of this plugin is to be the easiest to use, most reliant and bug free skin and cape changer for Spoutcraft. I will gladly fix any bugs you find within 48 hours.

I wrote this plugin because I was tired of dealing with buggy, hard to use, and overly complex Skin and Cape plugins with poor documentation. Changing a skin shouldn't require arcane runes carefully entered on the first full moon of summer in order to work.

Features - Current Version 2.3

- Persistent Skins and Capes. Your custom skin and cape will never disappear!
- HD Skins and Capes support.
- Citizens 2.0 and Citizens 1.2 Support. Skin all your NPCs!
- (New in 2.2!) Import all of your skins and capes from CitizenSkins!
- Group support with permission based skins and capes. Skin an entire army in one command.
- The ability to save URLs as unique names and use them in all commands. No more bulky URLs!
- Lightweight and designed with speed and simplicity in mind.
- Long term support. If you do find any bugs, I will fix them within 48 hours.


SpoutPlugin - Required to work.
SpoutCraft - Only users with Spoutcraft will be able to see skins and capes.
Standard minecraft and bukkit have no way to display custom player skins or capes.


/playerskin <playername> <Skin URL, or Minecraft player name, or saved skin name>
/playercape <playername> <Cape URL, or Minecraft player name, or saved cape name>

/saveskin <uniquename> <Skin URL, or Minecraft player name>
/savecape <unqiuename> <Cape URL, or Minecraft player name>

/npcskin <npc ID> <Skin URL, or Minecraft player name, or saved skin name>
/npccape <npc ID> <Cape URL, or Minecraft player name, or saved cape name>

/ssimport citizenskins
This will import all skins and capes from CitizenSkins.

Command Usage

All of the commands above work as follows.
Resets your skin to your default minecraft skin.
/playerskin putURLhere
Sets your own skin to the URL.
/playerskin Torklar
Resets player Torklar's skin to his minecraft default skin.
/playerskin Torklar Garanel
Assigns player Garanel's default minecraft skin to player Torklar.
/playerskin Torklar DwarvenGhost
Assigns the player the saved URL by the unique name of DwarvenGhost.
/playerskin help
Will show a small help section on command usage.






Explanation of Permissions

All permissions work as follows.
Can only change their own skin.
Can change any player's skin.
Can only change their own group's skin.
Can change any group's skin.
Can change any NPC skin.

How to Set Up Group and Permission Skins

1) Save your skin or cape and give it a unique name.
/saveskin DwarvenGhost <Skin URL or Minecraft player name goes here>
/savecape EvilCape <Cape URL or Minecraft player name goes here>

2) Give the player or permissions group the corresponding permission:

Done! All players with those permissions will automatically have their skin and cape updated with the saved skins and capes. For more examples and a more detailed look at configuring the permissions of groups, have a look at the FAQ + Tutorials page.

Configuration Files

There are two configuration files, capes.yml and skins.yml. You never have to change anything in them as they simply store information on player's skins and capes.

In the skins.yml you will find a setting called "AppearanceRefreshSeconds". This is how often the server will quietly update all player's skins and capes so that they always persist. While this is normally not taxing on a Server, if you were to have 200+ of players or 100+ groups it might be wise to increase this to 5 or 8 seconds. For a server with 30-50 players and 10-20 groups, you may be able to lower it to 1 - 2 seconds if 3 seconds is not fast enough for your needs.

Upcoming Features

- Automatically importing your iSkin, SpoutPlayers, CitizenSkins config files.
- Citizen npc ownership permissions. (.self, .any)
- MySQL support.
- Source code availability.
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