Simple Rename



Rename any item and add a lore

Edit books:

  • Change the author and the title
  • Unsing books so you can edit them again

Hide enchantment flags:

Rename mobs:

  • Type the desired name, and just right click the mob!

Copy and paste:

  • Copy and paste all the meta (name, lore, etc) from one item to an other easily

Colors in real anvils:

  • You can use color codes in real anvils (with perms)
  • Item, name blacklist

Get skulls:

  • Get players skulls with a simple command

Glow items:

  • Make your items glow

Security control:

  • Blacklist specific names
  • Blacklist specific materials
  • Set a name lenght limit
  • Different permissions for every command
  • Material specific permissions for all commands. Example: , sr.color.DIRT

Other features:

  • Duplicate a item or get an specify amount of it
  • Clear items name / lore
  • Make items unbreakable
  • Special characters support. See them here
  • Avaliable in multiple languages(en, es, eu, fr, nl, hu,bt,bt_bz). Want to translate it to your language? send me a PM.



New features suggestions:

  • Do you have any ideas? Leave a comment.



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