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Simple Medic allows a way for server owners and administrators to provide a way for players to heal themselves. Sure many other plugins offer /heal like Essentials but when you give these user(s) the permissions to use it, they have endless use. This plugin solves that by adding a in-game medic service if you will. Tied into VAULT, so you DO NEED THE VAULT PLUGIN INSTALLED! You can charge user(s) for each heal and has added bonus commands and features such as lighting players on fire, starving them, etc.


Simple Medic allows you to heal yourself and other players. It simulates a text based medical visit by a true Minecraft professional medic ;)

Why Simple Medic?

Have you ever wanted access to some cool commands that plugins such as Essentials or CommandBook offer but without all the hassle and bells and whistles of all the other commands strung with it? This plugin is for you, I'm learning java and bukkit api so I'm starting off with simple plugins. I'll be offering most essential admin command like plugins but separated so you can pick/choose and create your own lightweight set of commands without all the drag!

Once future adaptions are complete this will come in handy for RPG related servers as server admins can give certain groups of players access to certain elements of the medic system and a cool down timer will be added as well and a cool down bypass for staff/admins. This will be perfect for RPG servers with say Mages/Wizards, etc. giving only their group the ability to self heal and/or heal other players.

You can optionally download/test latest bleeding edge/dev builds:


just type in /medic or /med to heal yourself! Type in /medic name or /med name to heal other players.


If no permissions are provided to your permissions system it automatically defaults to Ops or higher. simplemedic.* Access to all of the (future) simple medic commands. simplemedic.heal : Allows the player to heal themselves and others.

To Do

  • Add objection to permissions to allow only self healing or self/other player healing.
  • Add in a cool down time for regular users with a permission node for regular users.
  • Form it to fit around not just OP Players but also regular users, so great for RPG Servers + Cooldown Time.

You can optionally download/test latest bleeding edge/dev builds:

Starving College Student/Developer. Any spare change will help me stay on-top of things and focus on creating some great plugins and applications part/full-time.



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