Simple Item Lottery 2



Craftbukkit plugin. Lottery tickets to item prizes or cash prizes. Supports item meta.


  • OPs define a prize list, then make lottery tickets, then give them to players.
  • Players right click the tickets to randomly get a prize (item or cash) from the prize list of a prize class.


  • Class of prizes and lottery tickets
  • Relative probability
  • Support items of anykind
  • Optional econ (Vault) support


  • /silot2 add <prize class> <probability> [money amount] - Hold an item on hand, and type the command to add it as prize into database. If money amount is given, cash prize will be added instead.
  • /silot2 list [prize class default=1] [page default=1] - Views prize list.
  • /silot2 make <prize class default=1> [ticket amount default=1] [player default=you] - Makes lottery tickets [and gives them to somebody].
  • /silot2 delete (id 1, id 2, id 3...) - Deletes prize rows from database.
  • /silot2 reload - Reloads the plugin.


    description: Gives access to all SimpleItemLottery2 commands.
    default: op
    description: Gives access to all SimpleItemLottery2 administrative commands.
        SILOT2.reload: true
        SILOT2.list: true
        SILOT2.use: true
        SILOT2.class.*: true
    default: op
    description: Reloads the plugin.
    default: op
    description: Players with this permission can list all the prizes.
    default: op
    description: Gives access to use lottery ticket.
    default: true
    description: Gives access to use class X lottery ticket.
    default: true


You are an OP.

Adding prizes

  • Hold a diamond block in your hand, then type /silot2 add 1 20 to add 1 diamond block as a prize to database.
  • Hold a iron block in your hand, then type /silot2 add 1 200 to add 1 iron block as a prize to database. Now, in prize class 1, diamond block and iron block have a relative probability of 20:200, which is 1:10 (9%:91%)
  • Hold a dirt block in your hand, then type /silot2 add 1 1000 to add 1 iron block as a prize to database. Now, in prize class 1, the blocks have a relative probability of 20:200:1000, which is 1:10:50 (1.6%:16.4%:82%)

  • Hold a super awesome sword in your hand, then type /silot2 add 2 5 to add it to class 2's prize list.

  • And don't forget to type /silot2 add 2 50 100000 to add $100000 as prize, making it more difficult to get your super awesome sword.

  • Got some even more rarer armors, and you want them to be prizes? Type /silot2 add 3 20 to add them to a even more higher class prize list!

  • There is a hard limit of classes and probability number of 2147483647 which is 2^31 - 1. You can change the soft limit in config.yml.

Making lottery tickets

  • Type /silot2 make 1 16 to make 16 * class 1 lottery tickets. You can consider selling them in regular shops, or give them to newcomers.

  • Type /silot2 make 2 to make a class 2 lottery tickets. Consider selling them in higher class shop or giving them out as event prizes!

  • Type /silot2 make 3 to make a class 3 lottery tickets. Consider letting them be one of the drops of a boss mob.

Deleting prizes

  • You found the super awesome sword not appropriate in a class 2 prize list, let's delete it.
  • You know that it's a class 2 prize, but you apparently don't know which row ID represents the sword.
  • First, type /silot2 list 2 to locate what the sword's row ID is, then you type /silot2 delete <row ID> to delete it from the list.

You are a Player.

Using tickets

  • You bought some tickets from an admin shop, or you just got them in an event. The only thing you have to do now is to use them.
  • Trust me, it's very simple to use, you just right click on them and see what you got.

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