Create your own commands with your own permissions and your own messages to display without learn how to code!

How to use

To make a new command, just type the command name in the config.
Then you set under the command name the permission, and the message to display.
If your commands are not working after a reload/restart, you have errors in your config file.
Please check if ALL your messages are in ' ' symbols. If they are in the symbols, please check your config file
HERE for yaml errors.


Every command has its own permission node. You can set is in the config.

Permission to reload the config: myoc.reload
Permission to list the commands: myoc.list


Just type /myoc reload to reload the config.
Just type /myoc list to list all commands and aliases.
Just type /myoc location to get your current location, your world, your pitch and your yaw.

MCStats and Updatechecker

MakeYourOwnCommands uses Metrics to gather anonymous stats about the plugin. Explained here : Metrics by Hidendra.

Opting out of this service can be done by editing plugins/Plugin Metrics/config.yml and changing opt-out to true.

You can view those stats by clicking on this image:

MakeYourOwnCommands also uses an update-checker.
You can disable update checking by changing "SearchForUpdates: true" to "SearchForUpdates: false" in the configuration.


Tutorial video:


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