Simple Discord Link Bot [Spigot/Bukkit]

Forge/Fabric Jenkins Discord

This SERVER SIDE ONLY mod is a simple-to-use Minecraft to Discord/Discord to Minecraft chat-bot with Whitelisting features. It allows you to bridge the gap between your discord and minecraft server.  


This mod allows you to:

  • Relay your Minecraft server chat to Discord
  • Relay your Discord chat (in a pre-configured channel) to Minecraft
  • Let players whitelist/unwhitelist themselves directly from Discord (Admins and persons with KICK perms can unwhitelist anyone)
  • View active players on the server inside of discord
  • And, much more to come

The WIKI should cover everything you need to know about configuring, installing or using the mod. If you find an issue, please open an ISSUE or if you need anything else, you are welcome to JOIN MY DISCORD


You are allowed to include this mod in your modpack, BUT, all downloads have to go through this Curseforge page. You are not allowed to re-upload the mod to any other sites.

You are free to clone the code and distribute the mod as your own, but I ask that you please change the name and do not use any of my official docs/resources.

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    Oct 25, 2021
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    Jun 19, 2022
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