I was surprised at the trouble I had finding a simple plugin with which to automatically save world & player data every few minutes.
So I threw this together and as usual thought I'd go ahead and share it. "So does this do a simple forced save-all like I would do in console? Or in game? Instead of me or another op having to do it randomly?" It does exactly that, nice and simple.
It runs the save-all command at a specified interval, saving all world and player data..
You can set it up to do so silently, to only log to console, or to inform the whole server with a configurable message.  

Upgrading to 0.2 Interval has been updated from Seconds to Minutes, be sure to update your config.yml accordingly!

1. Download the .jar
2. Place the .jar in your plugins directory
3. Restart the server Configuration:
 • interval - Time (IN MINUTES) between Automatically saving player & world data.
 • SilentMode - Operate in SilentMode. (No Broadcasts/Console logs)
 • ConsoleLogging - Broadcast a message to the console whenever data is autosaved.
 • BroadcastEachWorld - Broadcast a confirmation of each world as it is saved.

 • ServerBroadcast - Broadcast a message to the server whenever data is autosaved.
 • AdminOnlyBroadcast - Broadcast a message only to those with autosave.broadcast permission.
 • AutoSaveMessage - Message to broadcast on AutoSave.

 • /Asave - Menu
 • /Asave on - Start AutoSave timer
 • /Asave off - Stop AutoSave timer
 • /Asave save - Force an AutoSave
 • /Asave status - Check status of AutoSave
 • /Asave reload - Reload AutoSave config
  Autosave.admin - Toggle Autosaving
  Autosave.reload - Reload config
  Autosave.broadcast - Only users with this permission will see the broadcast (AdminOnlyBroadcast)

PayPal / DogeCoin                                                                  
                                                                                                DogeCoin: D5ZNpX1ejVoSwdupoanZmm3STpRcpfnnft                                                         Thankyou for your support! :D Change-Log:
- UPDATE: for Spigot API 1.10.2
- ADDED: AdminOnlyBroadcast
- ADDED: Option to toggle console logging
- UPDATE: Save procedure rewrite
- Fixed: Console colours not displaying correctly when serverbroadcast = false
- Added/Fixed: Reloading config
- Updated: config.yml
- Updated: interval time NOW IN MINUTES (Updated from SECONDS)



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