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This plugin currently only works with LWC, and it is fully configurable. I plan to add support for Lockette, ChestLock and any other plugin the community would like to see this working for!

The plugin doesn't delete anything on it's first run to give you time to configure the config file. If you want this plugin to do anything YOU MUST restart your server again after you modify the configuration folder. That's install the plugin and restart to generate the config, and then another restart to start the plugin working.

Note direct download links below will always point to the latest version which may or may not be approved by Bukkit yet, but if you can spare 5 seconds of your time it's greatly appreciated if you click the "Support Download" button instead.

How to Use

1. Download and place in the plugins folder.

2. Startup your server to generate the config folder.

3. Setup permissions for your users.

4. Edit the config manually or with the in-game commands!

5. Restart your server one more time for all settings to take effect and for the plugin to start working!


sautounlock.* which gives all permissions

sautounlock.command which gives access to the /sautounlock playername command to manually check and remove players locked items.

sautounlock.edit which gives a user permissions to edit the configuration file via commands.


/sautounlock <playername> : let's you manually check for a player and remove their locked items.

/sautounlock edit <daysbeforedelete/RunOnlyOnStartup/RunOnStartup/CheckInterval/daysbeforedelete> : allows you to edit the config file

updateChecker and only be true or false

RunOnlyOnStartup can only be true or false

RunOnStartup can only be true or false

CheckInterval is the time between checking since the player was last online, value in seconds. Set to once a day at 86400 by default.

daysbeforedelete is the amount of days that a player has to be offline for their locked items to get deleted. Set to 7 by default.

To-do list

  • add support for Lockette
  • Add support for ChestLock
  • need ideas


If you are having an issue with the plugin please submit a ticket to our issue tracker. If you post your problem below I cannot guarantee a fast and efficient response or solution. Plus if you visit the issue tracker you may find there is already a solution to your problem.



-initial release

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