This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.


I havent played Minecraft since Months and i don't have Time to Update this Plugin. The Source Code is Hosted on Github and it is free for Forking and Update itself.


I'm only doing bug fixes and versions updates of bukkit for this plugin. when you have new feature request you can do this on my new Plugin Advanced Announcements.

Simple Auto Announce

Easy handling for Automatic Broadcast Messages. You can set / add Messages in the Config or InGame. The Messages will be send over a Time Interval (Default 10 Minutes) to all Online Players.


How-To Video from Favorlock

Favorlock had made a new How-Two Video for the new Version 0.8.1. Thanks for your work!

Message Formation

  - 'This is a Normal Announce for all Players in all Worlds'  -> 8.00am
  - '@world This is a Announce for all Players who are on the World world' -> 8.10am
  - '@world_nether This is a Message at the same time as the upper Message' -> 8.10am
  - ')' // This is a Bracke and says there is no other Message for this Time
  - 'Announce an normal Announcement' -> 8.20am
  - 'Next Announce' -> 8.30am
  - '!kill reini' -> 8.40am
  - 'Announcement for all People' -> 8.40am
  - ')'
  - 'Announcement' -> 8.50am
  - '#Staff This Message will send in the HeroChat Channel Staff' -> 9.00
  - '#Handel This Message will send in the HeroChat Channel Handel' 9.00
  - ')'
  - '&permission.test This is a Message for Player who have the Permission <bold>permission.test'
  - '&permission.test.2 This is a <underline>Message<reset> for Player who have the Permission <bold>permission.test.2'
  - ')'
  -'This is the first line of the Message<line>And this is the second line<line>and one more'



  • /announce help
  • /announce help settings
  • /announce add
  • /announce force
  • /announce delete
  • /announce list
  • /announce reload
  • /announce settings


  • <black>
  • <dark_blue>
  • <dark_green>
  • <dark_aqua>
  • <dark_red>
  • <dark_purple>
  • <gold>
  • <gray>
  • <dark_gray>
  • <blue>
  • <green>
  • <aqua>
  • <red>
  • <light_purple>
  • <yellow>
  • <white>


  • <bold>
  • <underline>
  • <italic>
  • <strikethrough>
  • <reset>


  • English (Default)
  • German
  • French (thanks to Plumeex)
  • Italien (thanks to Andreades)

You can add your own Language! Copy the en_US.yml file to yourLanguage.yml and Change the Messages in the the File.

Then change the Conifig local to your new FileName witouht the ending (.yml)


  • announce.add for add messages
  • announce.delete for delete messages
  • announce.force for force a message
  • announce.list for list all messages
  • announce.reload for reload the configuration
  • announce.settings to change the settings
  • announce.admin all permissions in one





Version 1.0.2

  • fix Command process from Event to onCommand
  • bugfixes

Version 1.0

  • reworked Metrics add new Plots
  • /announce help show only the things you can use
  • code cleanups


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