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Title Current Available Version: 1.0.5
Current Version(s) still awaiting BukkitDev approval: N/A
Current Version in Development: N/A

About the plugin

Have you ever needed to put a long link, or your website URL on a sign and it just won't fit, so you put it across multiple signs or lines? Or you wish that those links where clickable? Well SignURLs provides a viable solution. It allows you to associate a word or phrase to a link that can fit on a line of a sign, than allows your members to click the sign and it will output the link the chat for the user to click. The plugin uses SQLite to store, and load the links.

How to use

You associate links to a phrase/word by using the '/signurls add {lineText} {url}' command. So as an example you could do, '/signurls add google'. (*note* the plugin does check to see if you remembered the http: infront, if not it will automatically add it for you.) Then you place a sign, and on any line besides the bottom you put [SignURLs] and on the line below it, you put the phrase or word associated with the link. Once you place it, and you have properly set up the sign right click it. It should then put the link associated with the word phrase in the users chat who had clicked on it.


1'/signurls'will display a list of usuable sub-commands
2'/signurls add'will link the specified phrase to the specified URL.
3'/signurls remove'will unlink, and delete the specified phrase and URL.
4'/signurls change'will change the link associated with the specified phrase.
5'/signurls list'will list phrases and what they are linked to.
6'/signurls admin database reload'will reload the database.
7'/signurls admin database purge'will delete everything within the database.


1'signurls.command'access to the /signurls command.
2'signurls.command.add'access to the ADD sub-command.
3'signurls.command.remove'access to the REMOVE sub-command.
4'signurls.command.change'access to the CHANGE sub-command.
5'signurls.command.list'access to the LIST sub-command.
6'signurls.command.admin'access to the ADMIN sub-command.
7'signurls.command.*'access to the command, and all sub-commands.
8''allows the user to place SignURL signs.
9'signurls.use'allows the use to use SignURL signs.
10'signurls.break'allows a user to break a SignURLs sign.

Configuration File

# Prefix - Sets the prefix used when sending the link in the chat to the user.
# Text - Sets the prefix used when sending the link in the chat to the user.
# Color - Set the color of the 'Text' on the sign.
# Cool-down is the amount of time a player has to wait before clicking a sign again. If 0 it will disable the feature.
  Prefix: '&8[&4SignURLs&8]'
  Text: SignURLs
  Color: '&1'
  Cool-down: 150


Video in english of the latest version thanks to: DanParry2299

This video is from version 1.0.0; But it still a good example of the plugin, and how to use it! ENJOY!
- This video covers basic usage of the plugin, and not all of its features. Version in video: 1.0.0

This video was made by AbsintoJPl to help the Portuguese learn how to use this plugin. Hope this helps the non-English speaking Portuguese
- This video covers basic usage of the plugin, and not all of its features. Version in video:1.0.5

Support the Author

I am just like everyone of you, I have to work, and make money, so that I can work on my projects. If you want to help buy me a meal, or with a generous donation, it is graciously appreciated. I will update this plugin as much as I have time for, and get it ready for the new Bukkit releases. I will add new features when ever I have time, but money is always a great motivator to get me to work faster ;)


Development Builds

Development builds of this project can be acquired at the provided continuous integration server.
These builds have not been approved by the BukkitDev staff. Use them at your own risk.
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