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As of 5/4/2013

  • Fix recent bug found that was failing to find [SignURLs] on sign placement to check for permissions, and if the word/phrase is actually in the db. Github commit.
  • Add a admin import command to import phrase and to what they are linked to from a .txt file.
  • Set-up Jenkins for a CI server to allow people to download patches as I fix them, so we don't have to wait a day or two for bukkitdev staff to approve the files
  • Option feature: auto link shortener.

As of 3/4/2013

  • Add a admin purge command to erase all links and phrases.
  • OP override check.
  • Fix file path separator for linux. Fixed with File.separator
  • Hook into bukkitperms, and make Vault Optional.
  • Move SQLite code into its own class. Github commit!
  • Create git hub page, going open source.
  • Setup EGit for eclipse so I can update the github page with ease.
  • Massive code clean-up. Github commit!

If you have a suggestion please use the tickets system.