SignURLs 1.0.2


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    Apr 5, 2013
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.5.1-R0.1


  • /signurls admin reload database -> /signurls admin database reload
  • Added a way to purge all links from the database -> /signurls admin database purge
  • Fixed improperly generating sqlite file in the plugins folder.
    • If you are coming from version '1.0.1' or previous, and have this issue. Rename 'SignURLs\links.sqlite' -> 'links.sqlite', and move it to the SignURLs folder before starting server with version '1.0.2 and greater.
  • Code clean up.
    • Moved SQLite/jdbc code into its own class.
    • Made it easier to read -> easier to patch bugs that may appear.
  • Vault is NO longer required. If you have Vault on your server, it will use Vault. If not, it will default to Bukkit's integrated permissions system.
    • If you have issue with permissions, and you are not using Vault. Add Vault, and try again.
  • Decided to open source the plugin. Check the Development page for a link to the github.
  • Added a OP over ride check for permissions. If your OP, you will have access to everything within the plugin. Regardless of what permissions you have.
  • On sign placement, it was failing to find [SignURLs]. Fixed in next version - Github Commit
  • Some people have had issues with their users not being able to place any signs again when I made Vault optional. I am still unsure what caused this, but the minor re-write I did has seemed to fix the issue. Released version 1.0.3 early due to this bug.