SignTP v1.0.2


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    Oct 27, 2014
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.7.9-R0.2


Version 1.0.2

  • Added /SignTP Delwarp: Delete a warp.
  • Added permission node: signtp.delwarp - Grant access to /SignTP Delwarp
  • Modified command /SignTP Warp: Now has the optional argument [Player] (/SignTP Warp [Player]), to teleport another player.
  • Added permission node: signtp.warp.other - Grant access to teleporting other players with /SignTP Warp [Player].
  • Modified config section: "signPrefix" - Is now "signPrefixes". You may now set unlimited sign prefixes, formatted in a vertical list.
  • Added config section: "mainTag" - You may now set the plugin tag that players receive with chat notifications (which is [SignTP] by default) to whatever you want, including nothing at all.
  • Added config section: "tpMessage" - You may now set the message that players receive when they teleport, if toggleTPMessage is set to true.
  • If you wish not to break your plugin, delete your current config file before updating! The config will not update automatically; you must go in and reconfigure the plugin.
  • Relocated warp data. Warps are no longer stored in warps.txt. They are now stored in individual <warpname>.yml files inside the "warps" directory of SignTP's plugin directory. Don't worry, the plugin moves the files automatically.
  • Added the ability to overwrite warps in-game. Use /SignTP Setwarp <Warp Name> on an existing warp, and the plugin will have you verify if you would like to overwrite it.
  • Changed the colors of the default SignTP tag. This means old defaultly-colored signs will no longer work, unless you add their prefixes to your signPrefixes in the config.
  • Synced the format of a sign price to match that of the server's main economy-management plugin's settings. For example: If an economy-management plugin specifies that money should be in a "$1.23" format, SignTP will adjust the sign's price to match that.
  • Added some new, more specific, more descriptive comments in the config.
  • Fixed and added various safety features.
  • Fixed all known minor bugs.
  • Revolutionized sign teleport plugins.

See full change log

For some reason the file creation tends to be wacky, though sometimes it works perfectly fine. At the time of this being written, the bug was recently discovered. It is being looked into, and if there is a future file as you read this, you should go download that one instead.