This is an extension plugin to SignShop (which is required). It allows you to buy Guardians which will save your items when you die.

This plugin collects Metrics.

How does it work?

Step 1: Drop SignShopGuardian.jar into your plugins folder (make sure you also have SignShop installed).
Step 2: Create a sign with the following format:

Example Guardian sign

  1. "[Guardian]"
  2. The number of Guardians you are selling per transaction (if left blank, the default is 1)
  3. This line can say anything (unless you are using a GuardianXP sign, in which case, the amount of experience points goes here)
  4. The price you would like to charge to buy the Guardian(s)

Step 3: Punch the sign with redstone. The sign will turn blue, and will be ready to use.


/guardiansleftDisplays how many guardians you have remaining
/addguardians [player] <amount>(Admin Only) Gives a player the number of guardians specified. If no player is given, it will add them to yourself. Can also specify negative numbers to remove Guardians

Questions, Comments, and Other Issues

Please visit our main page to get help, or open up a ticket for SignShopGuardian.

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