SignShop v2.9.0


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    May 18, 2014
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.7.9-R0.1


  • Added full UUID support (check "Known caveats" for more information)
  • Added "/signshop unlink [here] <x1> <y1> <z1> [x2] [y2] [z2] [world]" command so admins can remove linked shops at their position, a coordinate, or a cuboid area
  • Added caching of serialized data, dramatically increasing performance for servers with large sellers.yml files
  • Changed to saving sellers.yml in a background thread to not hang main thread
  • Changed VariableAmounts rounding to always round down when selling and up when buying, preventing exploits
  • Changed everything to doubles, for better precision
  • Changed promotePlayer to work for global groups
  • Changed Restricted signs to check against all available group memberships, not just primary group
  • Changed backwards trade sign help message
  • Changed jukebox to use item names instead of IDs
  • Updated french.yml (Thanks Kervinou!)
  • Fixed error if Essentials was not installed on the server
  • Fixed error when not using a permission plugin
  • Fixed error when fetching names from web or using Google translations
  • Fixed money exploit due to double and float conversions
  • Fixed possible NPE when using a !variable where it isn't supposed to be used
  • Removed backwards compatibility with anything before Minecraft 1.4.5 releases
  • SignShop is now compatible with UUIDs, which will allow players to change their names and keep their shops. Share and bank signs still rely on you to type the player name, so if the player whose name is on the sign changed, you will still have to update it yourself. SignShop will automatically convert all of your configs to support UUIDs, but after that happens, you CAN NOT go back. You may still use SignShop 2.9.0 with Minecraft versions past 1.4.5 so long as you don't update your server and go back. In any case, I would always recommend doing a full backup of all your files when updating your server.