SignShop v2.8.3


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    Jan 29, 2014
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.7.2-R0.2


  • Added !permgroup variable to replace !promotefrom
  • Added help messages for Bank, Share, and Restricted signs
  • Changed message system to no longer say you have insufficient items when trying to left click to signs
  • Changed order of Repair sign blocks in default config, so adding {variablecost} now works out of the box
  • Changed AllowUnsafeEnchantments to be enabled by default
  • Improved performance for chunk loading (thanks Maximvdw)
  • Fixed NPE from dynmap
  • Fixed NPE from an empty hand with enchantItemInHand
  • Fixed a server crash from pistons
  • Fixed Essentials [worth] lookup (thanks, in part, to Maximvdw)
  • Removed support for itemframes, as they were causing too many item dupe bugs (read known caveats below)
  • Make sure to update your versions of SignShopHotel and SignShopGuardian if you are using them.
  • We have dropped support for itemframes, which means SignShop is no longer protecting your linked item frames. Any user can now remove the items you have placed in them, unless you are using some other protection plugin to combat this. I suggest destroying your item frames, or getting a protection plugin to deal with it. This also means that any linked item frames have now duplicated your items. I'm sorry about this, but item frames were a real pain to deal with, and in order to make sure your server economy is safe from exploits, we had to drop support for them all together.
  • Due to a new implementation of the [worth] feature, you will need to update your version of Essentials to at least the latest release build (2.12.2) otherwise you will get a ClassNotFound exception.