SignShop v2.3.0


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    Sep 4, 2012
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.3.1


  • Added [Share] signs for profit sharing (2nd and 3rd lines are the people you want to share profits with, 4th line is the percentage separated by a / if there are 2 players on the sign. P.S. you can use more than one Share sign for your shops if you want to split profits with more than 2 people. P.P.S. I'm really really excited about this feature!)
  • Added command /signshop stats (aliases "signshop help" and "signshop version")
  • Optimized startup on servers with large sellers.yml files (this will make conversion from legacy sellers.yml much faster as well)
  • Changed shop sign name case sensitivity, now insensitive to case for sign names
  • Made signs not break when punching them with redstone and in creative mode
  • Added better support for CraftBukkituptoDate
  • Updated support for ShowCaseStandalone (SCS is not backwards compatible, so this version of SignShop will not work with old SCS files)
  • Using SignShops that take or remove items from your inventory, with a written book in your inventory as well, will delete the contents of the book. There is no nice way for plugins to store the information written in books for 1.3 yet, so we cannot fix it until the Bukkit team updates their API.