SignShop v2.0.3 (beta)


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    Jul 16, 2012
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.2.5


  • Fixed the XP and iTrade signs not working. (Thanks JayEffKay)

(These issues only affect the SignShop 2 beta, SignShop v1.8.1 is stable and safe to use for your server)

  • Using multiple chests with [Sell] type signs is duplicating items.
  • The AllowVariableAmounts setting in the config is not working properly with iSell signs, do not use it for the time being
  • You can find a temporary workaround for the iSlot problem in this ticket
  • Although SignShop 2 is stable, it is being released as a Beta. There may be some unexpected bugs as this is a complete rewrite of the code from the original SignShop. Please report any bugs using a ticket.
  • The sellers.yml format changed between SignShop 1.x.x and SignShop 2. We have built in a conversion to SignShop 2, but it will always be better to start your shops from scratch. If you decide to use the conversion feature, your old file will be converted on first run. Make sure to backup your files just in case.