SignShop v2.0 (beta)


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    Jul 5, 2012
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.2.5


  • Added ability to make far more custom signs by using any Block with any other Block
  • Added ability to buy and sell experience levels ([iBuyXP]/[iSellXP] signs)
  • Added ability to make infinite slot machines ([iSlot] signs)
  • Added [Class] signs to replace a player's inventory with the items from the sign
  • Added ability to buy items with other items [iTrade] signs
  • Added ability to buy redstone activation with items [DeviceItem] signs
  • Added [Enchant] signs to allow the selling of enchantments
  • Added [Disenchant] signs to remove enchantments from an item
  • Added support for displaying items using ShowCaseStandalone, click a half slab, then click an active SignShop to use this feature
  • Added support for custom sign colors using SignColours
  • Added support for Deadbolt
  • Added Quick Reference PDF, which will autogenerate in your /plugins/SignShop folder
  • Changed order in which chests/levers and signs are linked, you must now hit the chest before hitting the sign
  • Changed [DeviceToggle] to just [Toggle]
  • Changed sellers.yml format, SignShop 2 will convert your old format, but make sure to backup your old sellers just in case
  • Device signs' activation time can be modified using the new Block "setRedStoneOnTemp{#}" where "#" is the time in seconds the lever is active
  • Infinite item signs no longer require a chest after they are set up
  • Fixed a situation where ChestShop signs would not convert properly
  • Fixed a problem with UnsafeEnchantments

(These issues only affect the SignShop 2 beta, SignShop v1.8.1 is stable and safe to use for your server)

  • SignShop 2 is not properly transferring money to the owners of shops!
  • Although SignShop 2 is stable, it is being released as a Beta. There may be some unexpected bugs as this is a complete rewrite of the code from the original SignShop. Please report any bugs using a ticket.
  • The sellers.yml format changed between SignShop 1.x.x and SignShop 2. We have built in a conversion to SignShop 2, but it will always be better to start your shops from scratch. If you decide to use the conversion feature, your old file will be converted on first run. Make sure to backup your files just in case.
    (There have been reports of the conversion feature not working, we are looking into this issue)