SignPort - A sign-based multi-world teleportation plugin

Latest version: 1.3.2
Bukkit version: 1.0.1-R1
Minecraft version: 1.0.1

  • Features:
    • multi-world support
    • uses signs to teleport to portals
    • requires vault
    • NOTE: You need java 7+!

      How to use: Have a favorite mountain view spot or an awesome cave? type /signport create <name> to create a warp at that location. Then put your sign port where ever you want it. At the top of the sign, put the sign tag defined in the config at the top. Then at the next line, type the name of the warp, then optionally, you can add a charge cost on the third line, and put whatever you want on the bottom line!

  • Commands: (must have permissions or be oped to use commands)
    • /signport ? - list commands for SignPort
    • /signport create <name> - create a warp at your location
    • /signport remove <name> - remove a warp
    • /signport list <page> - list warps through pages
    • /signport setup - show setup on how to create a sign port

  • Permissions:
    • signport.user.* - use all user commands
      • signport.use - use a signport
    • signport.admin.*
      • - show commands
      • signport.warp.create - remove a warp
      • signport.warp.remove - remove a warp
      • signport.list - list warps
      • signport.setup - show setup for a sign port
      • signport.sign.create - remove a sign port
      • signport.sign.remove - remove a sign port

  • Bugs:
    • there have been no reported bugs so far

  • Future:
    • You decide! Put your inspirations and ideas in the comments below!


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