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Ever wish you could remotely change a sign for your redstone minigame? Or maybe you want to display the amount of players in a current redstone based minigame? Then SignLoc Edit is for you! SignLoc Edit is a plugin meant mostly for mapmakers, however, other people may find creative uses for it! What it does: Saves a sign to a location to be modified later by command! It's very simple and user friendly, and works with command blocks!


  • Easy to use!
  • Can be used from command blocks!
  • Great tool for redstone based minigames and maps!
  • Supports color codes!


/sleDisplays info, alias: /signlocedit
/sle helpDisplays a help screen
/sle setloc <Name>Set's the location of a sign
/sle modify <Name> <Line #> <Message>Edits a sign
/sle clear <Name> <Line #>Clear a line of a sign
/sle listList all signs


Before creating a ticket or saying that there's a problem please make sure of the following:

  • You are op or have the permission sle.admin.
  • You have set the location of the sign.
  • You have followed the tutorial. If you have followed all of these but still have an issue, please submit a ticket.


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