2-1-2014 - Updated to v1.34

  • Compatibility update for BKCommonLib v1.57

26-5-2013 - Updated to v1.33

  • Fixed signs (far from spawn) not updating on server restart
  • Fixed some sign chunk loading/unloading errors

29-4-2013 - Updated to v1.32

  • Added BLINK ticker mode
  • Fixed text orientation issue
  • Reduced the 'common' spam of 'sign not found' (only when breaking shows it)
  • Command linking: can now use /var edit name set text to set text in one go
  • Variable-sign updating fixes
  • Code syntax improvements, slight performance improvement

8-3-2013 - Updated to v1.31

  • Erased all use of CraftBukkit-specific calls to use BKCommonLib (and packet listener) instead

24-12-2012 - Updated to v1.29

  • Compatibility with CraftBukkit 1.4.5
  • Compatibility with BKC
  • Cleanup and addition of javadocs where possible

20-11-2012 - Updated to v1.28

  • Fixed messages being spammed when outside sign range
  • Added command help localization
  • Added list sub-command to list all variables
  • Added overloads for setticker to make it easier to use
  • Added delete/deleteall/deleteunused commands to remove (unused) variables
  • Server console can now edit and change variables as well
  • Right-ticking mode now properly displays colors again
  • Several improvements in the messages after commands

29-10-2012 - Updated to v1.27

  • Compatibility with 1.4

22-9-2012 - Updated to v1.26

  • Uses new BKCommonLib version (compatibility update was needed)
  • Fixed an error when placing a sign (was randomly occurring)

NOTICE: Older changelog got erased when the Bukkit WIKI started deleting pages. Hopefully I can retrieve it from somewhere or I have a backup, until then, it is unknown. (I will probably re-read the commits on GitHub to recreate this)


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